Locking topics?

1 - Post a question
2 - Get a reply that doesn’t actually answer the question
3 - The topic gets locked, presumably by the person in step 2

As a new forum user: is this modus operandi around here when questions hit a little to close to home?

Like you mentioned this is a standard practice by Steinberg. They will lock a topic whenever they feel like it. Or whenever the ball is in their court.

@AP Nonsense.

@preciousillusion it would appear the topic was locked because a staff member answered you.

Really!!! Both topics were locked the day CP9 was released…



Gosh Oh Golly Gee! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t roll out the red carpet and cater to your every whim preciousillusion! Your charming manner defies any reason why anyone, anywhere, would not rush to answer your inquires within milliseconds, much less hours/days/weeks.

Oh well, in the meantime you might want to investigate the correct grammatical application of to, too, and two. They all sound the same, and yet are so different in meaning. Whoever designed that grammatical aberration surely displayed an “unprecedented level of ignorance”, eh?

This board is really well moderated and mostly populated by people who are trying to improve their use of the various products Steinberg offers and those products and services available in the wider world of sound production. Any time spent in the “made with steinberg” forum clearly shows a lot of really excellent work is being done, in whole or in part, with Steinberg products.

I think Steinberg deserves a lot of credit for hosting these forums. I think the moderators do a very good job and if a topic here or there is locked, that’s OK with me. Some conversations or issues are resolved and it’s time to move on and that could even include this thread, imho. :slight_smile:

Take care. :slight_smile:

What’s your point? The rep who locked the thread posted and said why it was locked.

wOOhAa! ¯_(ツ)_/¯, you’re the local grammar police I presume?
You guys are always funny!
My defense for this heinous crime is that english is not my native language, and sometimes these things just gets two hard you know.
Oh, did you have trouble understanding that sentence because of the typo?
If not, why the passionately irrational stream of words, completely devoid of relevance?

Title case, something you might want to investigate the correct grammatical application of. :wink:

I don’t know where I’ve made such demands, maybe that’s something you can imagine?
Feel free to provide examples of my outrageous demands, and preferably without getting all bent out of shape.

A staff member replied, but did not answer the question.

Go away troll.

Yes, please. :wink: :laughing:

Which one makes me a troll, is it:

  • A) That you decide to contribute to the topic with whatever unrelated bit of inanity that pops into your head?

  • B) That I’m making fun of you for doing so?