Logical Preset to Select All Events On Volume Auto Lane (All Sel Tracks)

As above…occasional user of PLE but realise there are some real gems to be had

When Im given mixes that arent consistent levels across tracks, its easy to have issues with gain staging etc but usually only happens towards the end and its way easier just to globally subtract -3d at a time

So I want to use PLE to

  1. Select all tracks without ‘<’ or “>” in track name (busses are name like this) and generally static: This is done of course and was really easy
  2. I then need to select each volume automation event in each selected tracks so that I can reduce it by 3db etc
    Of course it must be in a range that is 3db from -infinity else the gain change cant work ie where values > -90db (correct? as you cant do that manually)

How can I select all events on selected tracks when there is only 1 etc?
Help greatly appreciate

I realise there is this thread

But Im not dealing with a single track but need to adjust every volume automation of all selected tracks

BTW Steinberg; please dont mix UI handles…
“Save as new preset” should not be a new way to do things as a line of text in the browser
UX would say, confine actions to buttons like the rest of the UI? UX deems they should be logically grouped as functions in a consistent location

Why does PLE only allow max 2db trim?