Long-term legacy continuity plan for WaveLab after Philippe retires?

As I’ve been using WaveLab more and more recently, it has dawned on me that WaveLab has been out since 1995. Its primary designer/developer is the legendary @PG1 (Philippe Goutier), and we’re coming up next year on 30 – yes 30 – years of WaveLab. And Philippe is still at the heart of WaveLab.

So I’m wondering if there is a long-term legacy continuity plan in place for WaveLab after Philippe retires? I hope that’s not soon, but maybe Philippe wants to head off into the Caribbean and enjoy the beautiful sunsets… or maybe he still has dreams of climbing Mount Everest… or maybe he wants to write the next great French novel in some cafe in Paris? Who knows?

In any case, WaveLab is Philippe’s brainchild, and still is Philippe’s brainchild, and he’s so entwined in WaveLab’s source code, you might as well imagine his own DNA is tied up in there somewhere.

So I’m hoping/assuming that he and Steinberg have worked out the long-term future for WaveLab, because WaveLab is really, really good. It gets better with every release, and I’m looking forward to WaveLab 12. And 13, and 14, and… etc.

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Wavelab will be fine.