Looking for playback templates / expression maps

I’m thinking of jumping on some summer VST sales, and part of the decision is knowing that I can get them to work in Dorico without too much fuss!

By any chance, has anyone here made (or started) templates for the following?

I will also accept your suggestions for other Classical guitar libraries that are laden with technique articulations! (Ample looks good and I see that someone posted a template here)

  • Cimbalom or dulcimer VSTs (I saw that Spitfire Originals cimbalom doesn’t work without other host software? And LABS dulcimer is gone?)

Thank you all! Of course if I have to invent the wheel I will share here…

Check this out and they might be there:

Thanks Daniel - this is always the first place I look. None of these are there nor turned up in a forum search.

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I have a question about the Dulcimer TAB (for D-A-D tuning specifically).
Many Dulcimers have additional frets labeled 6+ (also called 6.5) and 1+ (1.5) on their fretboards. I have looked at the exported XML Export Tuning code and see no options for changing names of frets.

Is there anything I am overlooking, or is there a chance the Dulcimer TAB implementations may some day include these “plus” fret designations?

An explanation of the system.

It’s not possible for fret numbers in tablature to display as things like 6+ for any instrument at the present time, no.

Thanks for the answer, I realized this was a long shot, as dulcimer fretting is different enough from guitar and other fretted instruments’ as likely to make reprogramming the conversion function complex.