Looks good! Thoughts + would love to have manual...

WL8 looks good, some new features that stand out that seem worth the money so I’ll most likely upgrade, but I would love to see the manual for more details, if possible.

Couple of thoughts, for what they’re worth:

1 - Like the new metering

2 - Really like the SuperClip concept

3 - Love the editing improvements, especially the enhanced volume clip handles - I’d like to know more about how they’re implemented… they look like they can have bezier curves from the video… can you elaborate on them?

4 - Like the other interface improvements (i.e.: master transport panel, plugin tabs, better waveform zooms, etc.) BUT…

5 - Can’t you get some killer graphic designer to give you better icons, etc.? Not a huge deal, but WL deserves to “look” a little better, doesn’t it? When I use WL, it always feels like I’m some sort of mad scientist in a physics lab rather than a music/sound engineer or artist in a cool studio. The interface remains complex and unattractive to me, personally. Again, not a huge deal because the features are far more important, and WL delivers some key unmatched features… but if I have to stare at something for hours upon hours, I’d like a more pleasant visual experience. Just a thought.

6 - Why no plugin automation?! Still waiting/hoping for that. I often need to do that in a mastering/editing/sound design session. I do like that I can apply fx and/or fx chains to a segment of audio, and the general editing improvements look good, but the workflow could be even better for what I do if you added plugin automation lanes.

7 - Still waiting on surround… WL9?

8 - Don’t need more plugins, but I understand the need to bundle more each release to attract new users and help inspire old users to upgrade…

9 - Otherwise, a solid looking upgrade, looking forward to it!

Agreed - we are right back to this again. It almost like PG has a unbreakable lifelong license that requires him to use cheesy icons from September 1995 for every release - regardless of how many years have passed.

And yes - no improvements that I can see in clearing the clutter. Seems that in all the videos etc that I have seen so far have more on screen than ever before. Maybe there are options or workspace improvemnets that I haven’t seen yet.

That said - if it’s 99 bucks to upgrade - I see enough value in the new loudness metering and MBIt Dithering to make it worthwhile.


1995! :slight_smile: So true! Come on PG, please! We love your work, but the icons… they really need a new paint job! And I’m not talking about bells and whistles here… nothing fancy. Just something from this century!

Agreed, there’s enough in here that it will probably see my hard-earned cash for the reasonable upgrade fee. BUT with some caveats this time… the caveats (as listed above in the OP) will hold me back if PG/Steinberg doesn’t upgrade some of the other issues in a major point release or at least by WL9.

I have to say every minute I invested in customizing my workspace saved me dozens of minutes futzing around and clicking all over the place. I’m not crazy about the icons either, and see very little change in WL8, but the customizability of the app remains and has maybe been improved. So you can certainly minimize the shuffling.

If it really drives you crazy you could always edit the resource files and customize further when we get to 8.1. PG’s .1 builds tend to stick around for years and years, unlike other tools I use, so once 8 stabilizes you can go nuts if you’re so inclined (I’ve done this on many plugs with annoying GUIs).

Or they could just build it right in the first place. No offense to PG - but his ultimate strength lies in designing the actual functionality of the app. He should leave the UI design to someone whose strengths are actually that.