Loop was ON! How to unfold the superposed tracks sequentially?

I recorded a one hour concert, but the LOOP was ON on the transport. So the tracks were superposed , between locators, up to track 5. I know I could manipulate by hand, select the tracks and move them manually in order to re-build the concert in one recording. However I am sure there is somewhere an automatic function to ‘unfold superposed tracks sequentiaklly’ !! I couldn’t find where it was hidden. Thanks for the precious help.

This is super easy. Show the Lanes for the Track and on the first (top) Take grab its lower right corner and drag it to the right. This will expose the rest of the looped recording.

Hi Raino Thanks for the answer However I couldn’t make it
The upper layer is track 5, that means that I have 5 superposed tracks.
When I apply your method it seems to me that it unfolds only track 5,but not the other inferior layers.Is there a method to unfold all layers sequentially?
Thanks for the help

It should work like in the pic shown here

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Here is a screenshot showing the three Track 5

OK. I see what’s happening now. Those aren’t different Lanes they are different Tracks. It does appear that those Tracks do have Lanes, but you are not displaying them in your pic. There is a Button that will Show/Hide the Lanes but it isn’t visible in your pic. Try dragging the right edge of the Inspector to make it wider. If you still can’t see the Show Lanes button then it is set to be hidden & you’ll need to set it to be visible. But by default it should be visible so it’s probably the Inspector’s width.

The pic below shows you the button. Also notice how the Lanes are indented under their parent Track. When you show the Lanes you’ll find it works as described.


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Take 5 not track 5. May seem like a small thing but it makes a huge difference.

Hi Raino,

Thank you I could find the ‘show lanes’ button, activate and show the lanes.
What do I do now? Do I have to rebuild manually the 5 lanes sequentially into one, by grabbing, moving and gluing, or is there an automatic function which does it.

IN SHORT: I find it very punitive that, because you forgot to switch of the LOOP control, the tracks start to overwrite in between the locators. First of all Cubase should warn you: ‘HEY LOOP is ON’. Then there should be a function ‘Extend supeposed layers to one’.
Thank you for the help


Hard to say because it’s not clear how you actually ended up with what you’ve got. You said you started recording and didn’t notice that Loop was enabled and then recorded for awhile and ended up with what you posted above. Except if that is what occurred you would have ended up with 1 single Track, and not the 3 Tracks you show in your 1st screenshot. So some other unknown actions occurred which resulted in you having your Takes spread across several Tracks. Without knowing how you did it, there’s no way to know the best fix.

Here is how it works. Say you have a 4 bar loop and record 100 bars of Audio while the Loop is enabled. The result will be one and only one Audio Track and that Track will have 25 Lanes (100 bars/4 bars) under it. All of those Takes are part of a single Audio File where Take 1 is the first few (X) seconds of the Audio File (where X is however long 4 bars takes to play at tempo). Take 2 is the next X seconds of the file, etc. until you get to Take 25 which is the last X seconds of the Audio file. You can see & use this as one single 100 bar Audio Event by dragging the 1st Take to the right. The reason this didn’t work for you when you tried it was because you were dragging on the Track and not a Lane.

Drag where I’ve circled below on your screenshot to the right and you’ll end up with all 5 Takes continuous on Lane 1.

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Hi Raino
Thank you for your answer
Actually there are three different instruments recorded,
So if I understand well there ara three tracks
The LOOP was ON inadverteltly
Therefore the three tracks superposed.
I shall try the method you propose.

re are three instruuments recorded


Yes, each recording gets its own Track & each time you Loop it creates a new Take on that Track.

Hi Raino
Sorry to answer so l was on another project.
On the first picture you see the three tracks Tiptar M ,Tiptar B, Percu.And you can see that they are superposed because of the loop mistake. What you see is take 5 superposed on take 4. I have tried your method to pull take 5 on the right,then you get indeed take 5 glued at the end of take 4.However it stops there, I didn’t find a way to continue the process and align take 1 to take 5 one after the other.
On the second picture, I show track 1, Tiptar M with the 5 lanes exposed. But again I don’t know how to unfold them…
Thanks for your time and precious help

No, use the top Lane because that is where your recording begins.

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Hi Raino,
thank you so much for your kind help and patience.
However I could not solve the problems at once.
What I did:
-I developped the 3 tracks into lanes, 5 lanes each time per track
-I hand moved each lane sequentially to rebuild 1 2 3 4 5 in one track
And so I solved the problem, although manually.

To be honnest I really do not understand why there is not a simple UNFOLD SUPERPOSED TRACKS in a super sophisticated app like Cubase.
I am sure that I am not the only one who forgets to switch off the LOOP command.

Again, Thanks for the help


There is and Raino described it perfectly.
Another option would be to open your Audio Pool and grab the full audio file of your recording from there.

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I’m so used to working with looped Audio in the Project Window that approach never even occurred to me.

Hi mlindeb
well, Raino helped me a lot. However I didnt succeed applying his concept other than by moving the lanes manually and gluing them.
Your Audio Pool solution seems easy,but… Where is the Audio Pool? I didn’t find in the Menus and help .
and then click on AUDIO . It shows all the audio snips, but I don’t see how to rebuild them sequentially…
Thanks for the help

You don’t need to, all the Takes are in one single Audio file.

Hi Raino
Thanks for the help
I succeeded opening the MEDIA POOL . I was confused because I found dozen-s of old tracks there, don’t know why
Once I cleaned them out, I isolated the three tracks dated 121/17/2023 which are relevant.
The question is how do I bring them now back in the main project window?

Drag-and-drop onto an Audio Track lane.