Loopmash..here we go again...

“Since its debut in Cubase (the most popular music production system the world over) many users have requested that Steinberg adapt this amazing instrument to the iOS platform. Well, here it is.”

there can be a 20 page thread on these forums requesting that Steinberg fix drag and drop to Battery which falls on deaf ears, but apparently MANY USERS have requested LOOPMASH on the iphone? where are these users, where are these requests. please direct me to a single thread or post on the Steinberg forums where users have requested this.

Yes it might be a good idea to save Loopmash’s ass and make it useful for something so why the hell not for iphone but dont take this angle $teinberg that its the users that requested it and that you are listening to and responding to when its obviously just your hip-pocket hoping to squeeze a few more bucks out of your idea.


wow!!! :astonished: :open_mouth: :smiley: I feel you on that. +1 Just seen the main page, and I was like huh? what? when?

Well I have to admit it makes way more sense as an iPhone app than a VSTi.

I agree.
Loopmash is a big waste of time. The time spent programming it should have been spent fixing things or improving other aspects of Cuabse.

Maybe some users are having a ball experimenting with Loopmash !

But… I would love to see Steinberg offer a ‘Pattern’ based workflow which nicely integrates into Cubase 6.

i.e. Assemble your patterns, then arrange them linearly. In a dedicated GUI, move back and forth between pattern and song view via a mouse-click, edit your pattern/s then go back to song mode, or edit the pattern in the song view directly, offering the user total flexibility to work in either a ‘Pattern’ or ‘Linear’ way of arranging their music. Basically, something similar to what Live, FL, Orion, and other Pattern based DAWs offer.

The ‘Arranger Track’ is as close as Cubase gets to working in a pattern mode, but not really the kind of workflow that a true-Pattern based DAW does it. It is rather more like offering a cue-list of various sections of an arrangement, which can then be independently repeated x times, and eventually it can be flattened to a linear structure. (not bad) but I think they can improve it a lot.

If Steinberg offers a much more advanced and nicely integrated Pattern based sequencing/arranging feature to build a song, in a future update of Cubase 6 I will be super happy :smiley:

I’m not ready to go to “big waste of time.”

I think it’s a ‘different strokes’ type of thing. Some people just don’t like ‘loops’ period.

I don’t know how deep others are peering, but I see a lot to like for a ‘glitch,’ dance remix use.

First, triggering the loop selection, triggering loops off and on and triggering the performance parameters from another midi track creates a high degree of predictable, repeatable control over the sound.

If you know how to make your own loops using Sony Sound Forge, you can take a vocal track, chop it to 4 or 8 bar acidized loops and then add other pitched material and tune to the same key as the vocals … and of course tune your master project to the same key.

Now two or three different drum loops for the ‘master track’ in each loopmash scene … using the same one each time for either verse, chorus, break, etc. … can provide great rhythm for your song. You can, of course, still lay your basic drums on top in the project tracks.

I think the thing is that people don’t focus on making subtle changes to different scenes reflective of the typical different parts of song structure. As in one for intro, two or three for verse, two or three for chorus, etc. Then using slight variations in the settings of the loops in each scene can create something evolving and coherrent … as opposed to trying to make 24 different disjointed scenes.

When you’ve got what you like you can now record the separate tracks out of the loopmash back into your project and then effect the individual tracks as you will … mixed back in with other project material.

If someone approaches it as a glorified MPC that’s supposed to produce some type of stellar beats … no thanks. But if it is considered a tool to create certain parts of an over all song … I think it can be very powerful.

But then … it may not be part of any genre you like.

All that said … it doesn’t deflect the understandable criticism that there are many more important things Steinberg could correct for the loyal.

But then, how many loyal are there as opposed to the masses with iphones?


People can request features and products by email.

The forum isn’t the only place where customers can interact with staff.

There is likely a separate budget allocated from the Yamaha side for plug ins.

i have nothing against $teinberg releasing Loopmash on the iphone, i understand why they would waste programmers time to do it, lets face it the programmers will probably be different ones for the iOS platform anyways to the ones that work on Cubase code, and they wanna expand their software out. And i would probably give it a go on the iphone and twiddle with it on a bus actually.

the problem i have is $B suggesting they are listening to the MULTITUDE OF USERS by creating it. give us a break.

and Brains, are you suggesting that pages of posts on this forum about Drag & Drop to Battery are ignored (including mentions in printed magazines such as Sound on Sound) but a few emails to $teinberg by assumed users get $teinberg to pull their finger out to the point that they decide to program for a new OS and release a new full standalone product? You are suggesting that 1 email carries the equivalent weight of something like 100 posts if that is the case. what total rubbish.


This has already been discussed numerous times.

NI need to support VST3.

As far as I know drag and drop has nothing to do with VST3.


Loopmash = VST 2.4
GA1 = VST3
Battery = VST 2.4

Mauri is right, but steinberg don’t have to support 3rd parties particularly when they are dragging their heels.

again Brains, rubbish. Mis-information. Why do you keep pushing this wheelbarrow. Battery drags and drops just fine in other DAWs. Cubase who invented the VSTi protocol can not make it work but other software companies can? pffft

As my prior post shows, it is for Steinberg to decide which legacy software they will support, be it their own or someone elses’.

yes it is up to $teinberg, agreed. so effectively they have deliberately “blocked” Battery from being able to be Dragged and Dropped to. Which is manipulation in its worst form, at the sacrifice of users workflow. Not to mention probably illegal.

anyways this post is about Loopmash. Has anyone tried the iphone ver?

Please do not present untruth and half knowledge as true wisdom in this forum. You are misinforming the public. :neutral_face:

Sometimes you are portraying Steinberg as an evil cunning conspiracy and it seems that you try to impose this paranoid perception onto others. Lighten up, stop bashing, stop stirring up negativity.
Start a constructive thread with real arguments instead of dropping posts that remind of hate speeches, Blackout. :smiley:

To drag and drop a file from the Media Bay to Battery:

    • Search for the Sample in the Media Bay
    • Right click on it and choose “Show in explorer/Finder”.
    • Drag the sample to your vsti

No Problem… :smiley:
Edit: Ohh yes, this will not work with any content that is encrypted or hidden on the HD.


Doesn’t Battery (Battery 3 anyway…) have it’s own version of Mediabay anyway? Why wouldn’t a person just use that, instead of Mediabay?

Doesn’t Battery (Battery 3 anyway…) have it’s own version of Mediabay anyway? Why wouldn’t a person just use that, instead of Mediabay?

That’s not the issue. The issue is about implementing universal drag and drop throughout the entire program.

Would be nice to have this implemented. This has been a concern for many Cubase versions.

Well I have to admit it makes way more sense as an iPhone app than a VSTi

…to the point as usual JM :sunglasses: