Loops & Samples have gone missing in Cubase 12

Hi, I’ve been experiencing a lot of crashes in Cubase 12 Pro. Today, after a crash the Loops and Samples in the Media section went missing, all except for the “EDM Toolbox” for some reason. Previous projects still play samples I had loaded, like drum hits fine but there’s no way to browse around for more now.

I am guessing that some preferences are corrupted but I am not sure where to look.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase 12, and reinstalling sample banks but with no success.

These samples are still available in my Cubase 9.5 install.

Any ideas how I could fix this issue? Thank you.

Maybe Cubase is not scanning all files. Try looking under preferences - media bay - maximum items in result list and increase the value.

Thank you for the suggestion, it’s good to know about that option.

I was able to solve my problem by deleting all the content files, then launching Cubase and allowing it to remove all those entries, then restoring them back again. They are loading now.

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Hi…I have exactly the same problem, could you talk me through that process or give me a link to the solution please?

Follow these instructions:
Missing Loops & Samples - #2 by Romantique_Tp

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Hi, what I did was:

-Cubase is Closed, Open Steinberg Library Manager & go to the Cubase/Nuendo tab.
-Make sure your RecycleBin is Empty. Then Just click the remove button on all the kits. (I guess you could find the path to each and move them elsewhere, not the RecycleBin)
-Launch Cubase and Remove all instances to these kits when prompted.
-Close Cubase again, then from the RecycleBin restore all the kits.
-Open Cubase and hope it’s fixed.


hi im johnnie from malta.

Tks verymach, now my loops & and samples are all back safe and sound on my cubase12artists,
thanks to you.
god bless you

Johnnie, sounds like you succcessfully restored loops & samples - but I’ve followed these steps and am stuck: where’s the ‘recycle bin’ that Daphnis26 refers to? When I moved loops & samples to waste bin they vanished - and they’re not in main/computer bin on desktop).

You don’t have to remove your installed libraries using the Steinberg Library Manager. You might have to download them all over again if you didn’t have sufficient disk space to move them to the Recycle Bin. Please simply follow the instructions I linked to above.


My thanks, R_Tp - your steps recovered the loops & samples (also had to re-download a couple). All good

You Rock! Thank you!

I have solved this (for me - and hopefully you fellow sufferers)): When I went into media bay after following your instructions and no content appeared in the loops and samples folders ie: loopsandsamples/EDM Toolbox. You need to press the ‘reset attribute folder’ button which is on the same row as the ‘All Media Types’ dropdown menu ONCE you have selected a folder (EDM Toolbox) . I pressed this and the content appeared for ALL loops and samples folders.

Thanks, Daphnis 26. I have tried the other tips, but yours were the only one that worked for me.
You Rock!

Great advice from Daphnis 26, and worked a treat. Thank you!