Loss of Midi Sync when Converting Project Sample Rate

Midi tracks fall out of sync with Audio tracks after converting sample rate of project with both midi and audio tracks.

This same behavior has been reported by others on the forum

To reproduce convert project containing both audio and midi tracks to another sample rate. works same with leave at sample positions or not. Midi tracks are no longer in sync with audio tracks. This happens even when no plugins are used.

Detailed system information my signature.


This is not a bug whatsoever. If you change the sample rate the size of the audio file will change therefore falling out of tempo with your pre-recorded MIDI. If you don’t want this to happen you have to bounce all your MIDI files and convert them all to audio before changing the sample rate.
Or choose a desired sample rate before starting your project.

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I guess you are the spokesman for Steinberg so have the final say but on behalf of consumers I would say: That makes no sense and disagree. Here’s why.

The grid is adjusted when sample rates are changed in order to maintain tempo and 120 bpm at 44.1k still = 120 bpm at 48k , No? Why would the midi files not be converted along with the grid?

Sample position for audio can being adjusted when you are convert to maintain sync why wouldn’t you expect the same with midi.

To suggest that users faced with this need to convert Midi tracks to audio and lose all future midi control over those tracks is almost an inconceivable recommendation from what is supposed to be the premier midi/audio composition tool on the market. Please, you can do better than that.

If you want to maintain that it’s not a bug and the way it should work that’s fine, but seems dumb that it does.

Wouldn’t clicking yes to ‘Convert Audio Files to New Rate’, then No to ‘Keep Audio files at Sample location’ provide the function you want, when changing the Project sample rate?

I can get the audio files to line up fine, the problem is that the midi files go out of sync with the audio after converting.

The official way to handle a sample rate conversion for midi files is to convert them to audio. I am questioning that one should need to do that.

I verified that before I posted and it works here. Please don’t nit-pick. Guillermo gave you a suggestion, and it doesn’t apply to your situation, so I gave you another way.

The only thing official here is that there are usually several ways to skin a cat in Cubase. So choose your poison and continue working. If this still doesn’t handle your use-case, posting details about what you want to do would be helpful. (please excuse the mixed metaphors :wink: )


I already posted the answer here:


Let me explain to you this way.

When you have Audio and Midi running side by side they sync together with the tempo of your song…right !

When you change the sample rate you shorten or lengthen the size of the audio clip or event, depending whether you up sample or down sample. You can’t expect the midi to sync to something you just changed in length. In other words you changed the audio file and you therefore can’t expect Cubase to sync the midi to that changed audio file.

It’s like you recorded a new audio file with another tempo and expect the midi to sync to that out of tempo new audio track.

To use another example > It’s like you have 2 runners on a field track and they run side by side in the same lane and the same speed. If one of them changes lanes to the inside or outside they don’t run the same distance anymore even if they do run at the same speed , cause the one has a shorter or longer distance to run now. > it’s the same as in your problem.

You changed the “lanes” > Cubase can’t adapt to that.

Just except my answer as well as Guillermo Navarrete, Online Product Specialist of Steinbergs.

Hope this will help !



I just wonder, why are you changing the sample rate in the middle of a project? The only explanation I can imagine is that you where working on a project for the TV that you started at 44khz and then realised that you had the wrong sample rate and changed it to 48khz. But besides that…

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Hi, I observe something in this thread that repeatedly happens here: Someone Posts a “complaint” about a certain behaviour. The replies say that things work as expected. So far so good. Most often things to a degree “escalate” into a “attack and defense” mode where both sides stop to discuss in a productive way.

In the current thread one could ask: If sample rate conversion is a function in cubase (and yes, it is for good reasons), wouldn’t it be a really nice solution to “convert everything in the affected Project” in a consistent way?

There is neither Need for attack nor reason for defending something only because it is done in a certain way or not.

I think sometimes it would help to see the nice ideas in the complaints.

Just my 2 Cents worth.


The workflow I offered does address that. If you change the project sample rate, and also tell Cubase to convert the audio files to the new sample rate the midi and audio will stay in sync.

If you want to modify the MIDI events and not convert the audio, you can use the Logical Editor
e.g., for 44.1k to 48k and multiply position and length of all midi events by .91875 (44100/48000), (though this is not as good due to the possibility of minute rounding in the calculation)

I would ask who chooses what to convert? The user or the program? Converting the audio results in everything being in sync, and converting the midi does also. So here, I have given two ways to acheive this. Both requiring no more than a couple steps. It depends on the type of material in the project, and the purpose in converting.

A feature request to consolidate these workflows into single commands might be in order too.