Lost file

I worked on a file yesterday in Dorico IPad for a few hours, played it for someone, closed out, and today it disappeared and I can’t find it anywhere in my IPAD or other storage areas. Help!

It does not appear in the dorico iPad hub?
If you have a mac check in the iCloud folder if there is a dorico folder there.

NO it is not in the Hub or in iCloud. I had this happen once before but it was temporary - the file re-appeared. I tried to reboot, etc, but the file is not presently in my “system.” Any other ideas? I noticed others have commented on this happening - one response was to wait for the next version of the software?

So, an update - when I go into my settings, then click on icloud storage, then click on Dorico, there is a “file” listed there with the name of the file I lost. It’s the only file listed at that location.

I further found out that while I was working on this project, my settings had Dorico files being stored in iCloud, not iPad (I never made this change).

So what appears to have happened is that the project file was recognized in iCloud, but the file was not actually stored there. When I go to iCloud to search for files from Dorico (instead of files in IPad), the project file in question is NOT listed.

When I go to the iCloud storage under settings and see the project file there, the only option I have is to delete it from iCloud storage (as a way to managed storage). If I click on the file itself, the icon “copy” comes up but all that does is transfer an empty text file to another location.

Do you also have a Mac computer that is synced with iCloud Drive, Jason? If so, then you should be able to recover the project by looking for it in your Mac’s iCloud Drive. I describe the (slightly manual) process here:

Just to close the loop on this, as I do not have a MAC, I called Apple Help and they said the only way to try to restore the file is to delete the system back to “factory settings” and then reset with a full backup that takes the IPad back in time to when the file was created. This seemed too risky for a few hours of work, so I’m just sacrificing it to the gods of tech. Thanks.

Really sorry to hear that, Jason. Do you have any other computer that is synced to your iCloud Drive? If so, then perhaps the file may be possible to locate there in a similar way.

There is an iCloud for windows app and there is an iCloud web portal which you access via your Apple login credentials. Check the web portal at the very least!

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Just want you to know that another file disappeared - this time I can see it as a “faded” file icon in my “Files” app and it remained as a working file in Dorico for several hours yesterday after I quit the application and came back to it, but today, it is gone. I really need to solve this problem, and hopefully recover this file. Am I using an older version of the Dorico Software? I can read that others have had this same problem.

Really sorry to hear this, Jason. Was the file located in iCloud Drive? If so, then you may be able to recover it via the web service at iCloud.com:

I just lost my work on iPad. Dorico suddenly froze completely, and upon re-srarting, the project file was not in the hub any more. It’s not in the file folders or icloud, either, but I have a mac so I’ll try hooking the ipad up and running the terminal but this is really stressful.

I’m sorry to hear this has affected you too, @kaleva. Could you please go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data, and you’ll see a list of all of the diagnostic files created by apps on the device. There will be files whose names start “Dorico” – please share them to your Mac, then zip them up and attach them here, so I can take a look and see what might have caused the crash.

Thank you! Here are the two Dorico analytics files that were found on my ipad.
ipad analytics.zip (11.9 KB)

Thanks very much for the crash logs. The good news (?) is that this is a crash we’ve seen before – in fact it’s the crash that we’ve seen most often, but which we had hoped we had fixed in the most recent update. One of our developers will be looking into it again very soon.

Have you managed to find your project in the iCloud folder using the Terminal?

No. After typing cd ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~com~steinberg~iosdorico/ and hitting return, I get this line: SH417794:iCloud~com~steinberg~iosdorico kaleva$. When I type ls and press return, I get that same line again. (SH417794 is my mac)

Try instead:

open ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~com~steinberg~iosdorico/Documents/

Which should open a Finder window at that location, and show the projects contained within.

Unfortunately, while I was recently working on a composition, the file crashed and seems to have deleted itself or disappeared. I already checked iCloud, recently deleted files, and all Dorico related files, yet it doesn’t seem to exist in any file location. If someone could please provide some assistance that would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, Garrett, and I’m sorry to hear that you have lost a file. Dorico doesn’t delete files itself, and it auto-saves every few minutes, so the file should not be completely lost. What files do appear when you open the iCloud folder on your Mac via the Terminal command in the message immediately before yours?

That opens a page that says “iCloud to app ‘Dorico’ - you can upload existing documents to iCloud by dragging them here from the Finder”. No Dorico projects in sight, or any documents.

Can you attach a screenshot of that window?