Low latency performance in VST Live is a nightmare too!

Some time ago I created a topic related to Cubase 12 catastrophe in low latency performance

The same issue with VST Live - it’s totally unuseful
Purchased it exclusively to replace C12 for live performances and it’s another waste of money!

Why are you dropping such raw and unstable products?
Again, I’ve never had such issues since C6


Neither Cubase nor VST Live consume any considerable amount of CPU internally until processing other audio processes (plugins etc) get involved, so your problems are most likely related to something else. I run heavy projects with Cubase 11 and Cubase 12 at 128 samples w/o noticing any difference in CPU consumption.

No. it’s definitely C12 problem, many users report the same thing, awful ASIO performance
Projects that running smooth on C11 at 32 samples are completely stuck in ASIO spikes even at 128 samples at C12. In VST Live three instances of Amp Room burn CPU at 64 samples, while i can smootly run 10+ on C11
This is not normal.

Did you check ASIOGuard, Multi-Processing or other advanced options in Cubase?
As for VST Live, all to say is that it really does close to nothing, as long as no plugins need to be processed, and then it’s up to those how much CPU those eat.

I’m not newbie, I use Cubase professionally for 15+ years and I know how it must work. C12 blows my mind how poor it’s LLP is. The same as VST Live - dances of CPU spikes after applying any processing on low buffers. Absolutely unusable! This is not what I paid for, and please don’t try to explain me that the problem is somewhere else, it’s 666% on Steinberg’s side

Just trying to help. We don’t code “clog CPU as much as possible for the fun of teasing customers”.

That’s at least a hint. What is your computer, can’t find it in your other post?

Hm, strange, I did a quick test here… iMac, 8 stereo tracks. and a big Omnisphere multipatch going on…
Buffersize 64 samples, and only 25% cpu usage (VST Live), and no spikes/cracks… 64GB ram.

Just added 20 Amp Room to VST Live at 64 samples buffer size, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 32 GB Ram with Steinberg UR22C. All are actively processing. That’s when it gets to approx 85% CPU.

MBP15. late 2013 maxed out
It’s old but still good enough for my tasks and is running perfect with C11

My guess would be that since it is so OLD then some things are missing hardware wise… maybe some stuff in the CPU etc. that the new programs use alot… Don’t know what all of them are called, but that CPU from 2013, does not contains stuff that we get now, and never versions will always try to use that latest innovations, and that will make som old stuff suffer. (the mbp15 from late 2013, uses intel i7 Haswell chip)

just my thought.

Also the MBP form 2013 had latest OS update on BigSur last.

Edit: What I was looking for was SSE and AVX. Instructions sets… they impact a lot on what a system can do and not. But I could be wrong.

4th generation of Intel processors is passing C12 and VST Live system requirements, such as Big Sur: VST Live supports even Catalina
And I don’t think they rebuilt audio engine with super-new AVX instructions

Hi Anton,

let me enter this topic here, too. And let me collect all components first. We are talking about “Amp Room” of “Softtube”, Cubase 11, Cubase 12 and VST Live. Everything’s running on a Mac, Intel based. Latest versions are “Amp Room 2.5.49”, “Cubase 11.0.41”, “Cubase 12.0.30” and “VST Live 1.0.10”. All hosts should run the same BufferSize which should be 64 samples. Okay?

Which reference display are you using? Activity Monitor? “Audio Performance” Tool of Cubase? CPU Display in VST Live?

Any hint is useful. Because Cubase 11, 12 and VL should run at roughly the same performance level. And we need to find out the cause of your problem.

Thank you,

Actually, it doesn’t matter, what plugin to insert, almost any ampsim runs smooth at C11 and beat the CPU with spikes in C12 and VST Live, but yes, it was latest Amp Room with Rectifier, Rat pedal, lo-pass filter, Api compressor and Speaker Shaper engaged. Also both 11 and 12 Cubases are the latest updates, the same buffer 64 smpls

I’m watching at Audio Performance tool and CPU Display as well. In Cubase 11 all running smooth and I see constant stable ASIO load, in Cubase 12 and VST Live are “dancing spikes” and even 3 instances may cause dropouts (sometimes I may run 5 or 6, but CPU/ASIO load is not safe for live performance)

I did all tests on MBP 15 late 2013, i7 4850HQ(I believe), 16RAM and Audient id14mk interface, it’s not so fast regarding to LLP, but I still see a huge difference with C11
Usually I run my live projects through Presonus Quantum 2626, but I can’t go to my studio right now and test also VST Live here

One more question: do these spikes only occur when you change Parts?

Not only, ASIO meter is dancing all the time. While changing parts sometimes it’s ok, sometimes I see extra spikes. BTW, preloading parts not working for me, after that they are still changing with some delay and gap first time

Both are weird! Tried slate trigger as well at 48 samples w/o problems (Windows Ryzen).

Couldn’t find much when googling though…
Running out of ideas here. Anyone else observing this? As Micha already pointed out, there “should” not be any difference between Cubase 11, Cubase 12, or VST Live when it comes to basic audio processing.
The only really significant changes in hardware from 2015 on are related to security issues (TPM), maybe there’s something hidden there? But it should really not have any influence on audio processing, but with a machine that old, you never know.

I´ve experienced an important CPU increase in C12 compared to C11 in some plugins as Amplitube and Arturia. There are plenty of complains at Cubase Forum regarding performance.
I had to stop using Amplitube in VL because it can´t handle 3 instancies, maybe it´s the plugin´s fault, I dont know.

Didn’t find any system requirements for VST Live, but my “that old” machine is completely follows system requirements of C12, but it doesn’t work. it’s going red even while monitoring channels without plugins. You still think that’s not C12 problem?

Sorry, didn’t mean to say “too old” at all, just that it is a bit older and that makes it harder to determine the cause for performance issues.
Obviously, there is some problem with some configurations. We will certainly want to make sure that VST Live works flawlessly with any system that fullfills the requirements. For that, we need to find the cause, because obviously this has nothing to do with hardware capablilities of your system, and any hint as to what configuration changes may have any impact are very welcome.

Just switched to M1 MBP and performance became much better for me (but CPU meter is still spiky, but now at least I hope it’s possible to work with).

But preload function still doesn’t work - there is a 1-2 second lag while switching parts