Lower Zone. What are people thinking?

Having just upgraded and got my head around the (new) behaviour of the CPU meter and beginning to relax a bit, I turned my attention doing a little editing. It was then that I realised that I could not work with the lower zone. Firstly I had to change the backgound to the old default. My eyes must be very poor, but I could not be doing with the darker on dark colour scheme. Also there just was not enough space to edit a part comfortably, so I ended up going into preferences and disabling the whole thing. God knows how laptop users manage.

I guess if I set the monitor up vertically it might work. What I would like is the editor window to come to the front whatever. I should explain that I use 3 monitors and to be honest I have ended up with exactly the same window arrangement as 8.5. I am beginning to think that the new eq was quite expensive. Given that might well be the only thing I benefit from. Mixer history??? Sampler??? I will have a look and see what I think. I have to say this has not been the most exciting update for me. Well other than wondering how many of my plugins would make it through enemy lines. Thankfully they all survived in vst3 if not 2.4.

I’m finding the lower window quite useful even though I have two monitors. I’m spending a lot of time using the lower mix window and using the inserts window there too. and having plugins showing on monitor 2. I agree with you about the dark on dark GUI, that doesn’t work for ageing eyes, so I have reverted to the original light background.
The new EQ I have barely used yet, and so don’t have much of an opinion. I like that I can now hot plug USB stuff (is this a new feature of Cubase or a Windows thing?) I like the new GUI on the plugins, and themixer history window is a nice new feature.
Overall I think it’s not a huge upgrade, as some have said it’s more like a point 5 update, though at least it seems stable for an early version.

funny - I thought i would hate it as it takes up real estate and had no need for it before but kinda liking it and using it more and more. that’s just me

Not for me - need the height, plain and simple.

Like Roses it grows on you although I still hit the F3 Button for mixing and F2 for the floating transport.

I really like it, been using it all the time but I have a 4K monitor so it does not take too much space

Well there is certainly a variety of views. That is all to the good because at least you can disable if it gets in the way and I suppose it gives us users choice.

I think I’m gonna be really happy about it- already finished two tracks working a lot with the lower panes for tuning and quick mixer adjustments

personally, I think if you could move the lower zone to another monitor, that would be great. I know you can disable it in preferences and have the window pop up where you want but it’s not exactly the same.

I wish it worked exactly like it does but it gave you the freedom to place that “zone” anywhere you want it.

…with one more caveat. If it could be moved to another screen etc, I’d also want the mixer to have the ability to show more than 1/3rd of its controls at any one time.

At which point, we may as well migrate properly to tabs, docks and free floating options for all the main windows. Which I’d guess is some way off. Ah well, none of this is anywhere near the top of my priority list.

definitely agree

Would this be better?


(It’s my feature request.)](https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=252&t=107935)

Definitely. That is exactly what I am talking about. I sure hope they do this. I am shocked you can’t already do it

Please show your support in that thread then, that’s why I plugged it. ;p

When you use 2 windows and editing a sample in de lower zone the sample is spread over 2 screens.

And the transport bar is in the middle of 2 screens

Some good ideas coming out here. The Lower zone would be greatly enhanced with more options as to where to stick it. (In a manner of speaking.)

Exactly. Vertical space is essential to see all the mixer and notes in the piano roll. Lower Zone doesn’t work for me.

I use the lower zone primarily to view the new Sample Track editor which is absolutely fantastic.

I tinkered with the Lower Zone for 20 minutes. I did wonder if it would help to keep inserts or sends there to alleviate the click-and-scroll marathon I still have with the ‘new’ mixer (which I’d still swap in a heartbeat for the mixer from Cubase 6), but it takes too much space. I notice that the LZ has the quick view buttons on the left, which tells me that Steinberg realise that the old mixer had some good features that went out with the bathwater.

I switched off the default to open event editors in the LZ and haven’t looked back. It’s far too cramped to serve for editing.

LZ may be useful if I was on a laptop, or confined to a single monitor, but beyond that, for me, it has no meaningful value.

Does anyone know what problem it is trying to solve? I don’t remember anyone clamouring for this feature.

Hi Elf. What Cubase are you using? Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist or Cubase Elements? In Cubase Pro 9 the “old” mixer is still there. There are 4 mixers under “Devices”.