LUFS analysis on entire mix.

I know that the main meter shows the Integrated LUFS as you play a track, but was wondering if Cubase can simply analyze an entire track and give me a quick readout of the Integrated LUFS without sitting a waiting for my track to build up the Integrated value (my tracks are Classical and are highly dynamic… maybe no loud parts until the very end).

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YouLean can do this


The LUFS meter isn’t that helpful. Currently I have to export the mix then upload it to There should be a simple button in Cubase to do that.

Yep, there’s a few browser based programs that that do a quick LUFS readout, thus seems logical that a DAW would offer the same thing.

Does the statistics not offer LUFS, sorry can’t test right now.

yes its there (EBU R 128) among the other statistics like RMS etc…
its under the Audio menu and statistics (for those who dont know about it)

Does the Audio Menu/Statistics option allow analysis on the whole mix? When I select more than one track, it processes for each track, and multiple Stat windows come up as a result.

Statistics shows LUFS for the selection, not the mix, which is pretty useless IMHO. The important thing is the LUFS for the mix.

yes you would have to do a mixdown, but you could set it to import the mixdown to a track and then run statistics on that track

Well, yes, there are already many ways to this that require doing an export first :slight_smile:. This thread is about a request for a new feature that saves the user from having to do an export just to get the integrated LUFS for the project.

But you would have to play/analyze the entire project or mixdown the project and analyze anyway.
And yes, that will take time, I don’t see how that can be avoided. It could of cause be a background task that did the mixdown/analyze function when Cubase has been idle for a set time.

The control room LUFS meter isn’t very useful. Currently I have to export the mix then upload it to There should be a button in Cubase to do that in one simple step. It will take as long as a non-realtime export, but the whole point is to make this more convenient and not force the user to do an export.

Just get a 3rd party metering plugin, throw it last plugin on the master bus and hit play and they will show you the integrated lufs.

Cubase already has an integrated LUFS meter. There’s no need to use a 3rd party plugin. But that’s not what this feature request is about.

Yes but there is no way to analyze an entire mix without either play it through (In which case he can just use the build in meter or a 3rd party meter) or export it to a file and then analyze the file.

One more time. Here is the description the feature request for anyone who doesn’t want to read the posts above:

There should be a button in Cubase to calculate the LUFS for the whole mix in one simple step. It won’t be instantaneous, it will take as long as a non-realtime export, but the point here is to make this more convenient and not force the user to do an export or playthrough.

I think that it is supposed to be done when you do the master. I think steinberg what to sell you something else for the master process.
I think many people do their mastering in cubase, but I think a export and see the mastering a new project is the normal way. But it would be great if they did thought about mastering in general, direct within a cubase project.

It sounds like people don’t understand that Cubase already has an integrated LUFS meter for the mix. The problem is it’s not very convenient to get anything useful out of it. This feature request is not a request to add an integrated LUFS meter. Cubase already has one. This request is to make it more convenient to use.

So a simple option to “show statistics” in the mixdown window, could be a way. Maybe even a “Save statistics as txt”

work around:
I would have to fiddle with it, but a already made a aepp xml that after a mixdown makes a mp3, mp4 and FLAC out of the resulting wav.
Should be easy enough if I can find a LUFS meter that accepts a command line input.

For the statistics of the all mix, in fact, you just have to export your file to audio and the right part of the meter with the stats will be updated. try it, it’s magical and quick.

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