Lute Notation w/ Tablature

Dear Forum,

often Lute (7 chords) is written into two staves kind of Piano notation (treble and bass clef).

How to achieve this in dorico 3.5?

Another convention is to show a tablature also in this setup.
I ran into problems using a Piano score and add a tablature…


Can you share a picture of what you want to achieve?

Maybe you can try creating a 7-line staff instrument in the percussion section

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A short thread here:

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thought on this, which is no problem. Glad for your infos, too!
THX very much!

@Flower You meant 7 course, right?
Some of us are awaiting more Lute development in Dorico (promised for some time in the future). :slight_smile:

See also [Grand staff with guitar tab?]