Lyrics and Chords on a Midi File as Metadata


Is there any way to include Lyrics and Chords on a Midi file as metadata type 01 and 05?

I can’t find this on the manual. All I have found until now is that I need an external Midi Metadata Editor, but I would like to do it from Cubase if possible.


For the lyrics I think you can use Position Markers. The description of the marker should contain the lyrics.

Chords: no idea.

Thanks Johnny.

The point is that I want to export a Midi file made in Cubase with the lyrics and chords embedded on the midi file, it’s not a question of displaying the lyrics and chords on Cubase only.

Thanks anyway :wink:

Have you tried what I suggested?
Checked it. The markers are stored in their special way and not as lyric events.

Ok, found the lyrics solution. Not sure you’re gonna like it as it is, shall we say clumsy?

  • Open the MIDI part that shall contain the lyric in the List Editor (MIDI → Open List Editor)
  • choose the Pencil tool
  • set the field Insert Event Type to Text or to SMF (where you will have to change value of column “Data 1” to “5” after inserting an event)
  • draw in an event at the desired time
  • enter the lyrics in the column “Comment”

No support for chords, I’m afraid. I am not sure where those would be saved within a SMF.

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Great Johnny! Thank you very much!

I will try it, for sure. The app I use for Chords and Lyrics live, is using Type 1 (text) for Chords, so I think it will work. I’ll let you know.

Thanks again!

Hi again! Yes, it works with both lyrics and chords.

Chords must be text events

Lyrics must be SMF events type 05

The app in my tablet recognizes them perfectly :+1:

So thank you very much, my friend!

What I’m missing now is how to insert line breaks in every sentence. I can’t find the way to separate the sentences when they are displayed in the app. I’ve been reading in Midi Association and tried to insert [CR] and [FL], or their equivalent in ASCII (0D and 0A, respectively), but nothing works. I will keep on investigating. What I want is like the following example:

“I tried to focus”
“On different sight”

But on the app it shows as “I tried to focusOn different sight”

Of course I am writing this in two different SMF events type 05

Since each event has its own position it would be easy for your app to identify them as seperate texts and insert LF or CR by itself.
I would approach the maker of that app with this issue.

In the meantime maybe it helps to insert something like " // " at the end of each event in order to build a visual gap yourself.

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You can attach Lyrics/Text to each Note using the Text field on the Info Line in the Key Editor. I don’t know if that gets saved as Lyric Metadata when exporting MIDI.

Instead of entering each syllable one by one in the Key Editor you can assign them in bulk using the Score Editor’s Score Settings dialog. You break up the text so they match the Notes, select the starting Note and assign the Text all at once.



I’ll be damned, yes it does.

Damned again. :smiley:

Great Raino, I didn’t know those functions, and both are great and will be very useful from now on, so thanks!

However, it still doesnt work with the external App. It shows like this:

Although I wrote this on Cubase, and on Cubase it works:

But for some reason the external app doesn’t understand it.

Previously to your tip, I was writing the lyrics on the List Editor like this:

And it showed like this on the external app:

which is almost right, but it doesn’t apply line jumps, so, for instance, in the first sentence “I tried to focus on different sight,I”. The last “I” should be on the second line. (The same happens with the rest of the lines…

This is what is driving me crazy.

At the same time I have written to M-Live support, who are the manufacturers of B.Beat, so if they answer with a solution I will update here as well.

In the meantime, I don’t know if anybody could have any idea about where’s the problem is…

Thanks guys for your interest!

Unfortunately that’s about all I know on the topic.

Can the other app open MusicXML files? If so, maybe that will work better.

Thanks anyway my friend. Unfortunately the App only accepts MIDI files. I’m waiting for an answer from M-live, who is the manufacturer.