M audio Axiom 49 2nd and Cubase 7

I just bought this M audio Axiom 49 2nd hoping that it will make my life easier, that until it came.
They have a directlink installer for cubase, i downloaded, instaled, and surprise…not working.
I mean it works just the keys pads, the transport buttons not working the faders not working etc…

Has anyone the same problem?

I don’t know if this is the reight place to put this post, but i don’t know what to do with this problem.

This thread might help? http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=36951

Hy and thank you for you’re replay!

I will try to follow does steps.
Thank you!
I let you know!

No result!

Can anyone help me with this??? xml, maps etc…?

Thank you!

IS it showing up in Cubase?. If not go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\ see if you can find a fiolder called Cubase 5. Open it and in the components file cut the axiom file and then paste it in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Components folder. Now it will show up in you devices file in Cubase.

Hi Sorin, did you manage to get things working at all? Have you tried the steps described by CWS above? I added the helper XML files (i.e. transport & pots) in the thread mentioned previously, but as the Axiom 2nd gen is slightly different; its possible that the files might need altering slightly if they aren’t working as expected . You should additionally visit the thread below to make sure Cubase is seeing your MIDI controller properly as you might find it helpful in this respect:


Additionally, I’ve just set out the steps to update the aforementioned XML files to work with a different M-Audio keyboard - so you should work your way through that and hopefully that should sort it out:


I’ve subscribed to this thread so just reply if you are still stuck and I will see if I can get you up and running :wink:


Thank you Trax,

For you’re help. I have did everything like you said, not working for me!
Sorry for this delay

Sorin…I too use the axiom 49 2nd gen. but i’ve had no problem(or very little)…now just out of curiosity…could you go back to your mix console…when you move the axiom sliders nothing happens right ?..well… Let Cubase “See” where it’s at by moving the axiom slider up to it’s max and down to its min range…do this til you’ve got a “Connection”…I know you shouldn’t have to but it becomes second nature…I’m doing this by the way using “Direct Link”…let me know.

If you are going to use the “Direct LInk”…you should be seeing this --> under Devices > Device Setup

And thank you for you’re post. Nothing happend when i move faders, encoders etc.
I have installed the directlink (also the hypercontrol for cubase), i copied the dll from the folder cubase 5 components to cubase 7 components, the thing is that my window its not looking the same as yours. The folder m audio is not appear in my window, the directlink also!
Please look at the picture.

I’ll go and check my folders Sorin try and suss this out !

Ok thank you very much!

Check the directory at the top where this is residing first !

At the moment your in “Quick Controls” ???

See if this helps anyway…It works fine for me

I have the same location

I’m not sure if the windows 7/8 thing has anything to do with it ??? but ???

I’ll go delve deeper… :smiley:

Wait a minute !!! When you first went into Device Setup did you click the “+” sign at the top left to select the Axiom ???


I just did that now! Added with plus, i have the folder now, but no directlink appearing

But If you now click into M-Audio Axiom you should be able to set it up like above…No ?

Remember you’ll have to have the Axiom physically connected BEFORE it’ll show up in the MIDI input/Outputs !

Have it connected THEN fire up your Cubase

Yes i do, but the directlink is not there to choose it!
Like in the foto