Mac crashes multiple times a day

Hello, is anybody else having serious problems with UR28M on Mac Book Pro, driver 3.0.5?
Sometimes my Mac just reboots, black screen, reboot, multiple times a day. After reboot there is a crash report, and its always Yamaha-Steinberg usb driver causing the crash. Its endless pain in the meanwhile! It’s the same problem on Mac Book Pro 2017 and 2019. It happend on Big Sur and now on Monterey as well, still on Intel. No Anti-Virus installed, no other extra drivers.

Thanks for any help!

Hey Stefan. I landed here looking for someone else having the same problem.

At first I thought it was my system, I had an intel i9 computer, and then upgraded the system to a new m1 chip.

The crash appears to be totally random, the computer can work for days without problems, or I can have several reboots on a single day.

I know FOR SURE it’s the UR28M driver because it’s the only thing I see in the stack trace when the computer comes back:

Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 20.6.0: Mon Aug 30 06:12:20 PDT 2021; root:xnu-7195.141.6~3/RELEASE_ARM64_T8101
      Kernel Extensions in backtrace:[C72DD727-3F02-3347-B407-C877200F7F37]@0xfffffe001918c000->0xfffffe0019193fff[F72715DA-8C89-32DB-9E01-0FF1829A422A]@0xfffffe001a050000->0xfffffe001a10bfff

This started to happen YEARS ago (I would say at least 1 or 2 years ago) and today I decided that I have either to fix the problem or get a new audio card because I cannot work with a computer that it is so unreliable.

I hope we can find some help.

Hi - felixx,

there are many others with the same issues: About using UR28m audio interface play video or audio on website makes Mac OS shutting down - #19 by stefankoebeli

In the meanwhile Steinberg accepted my ticket and they will look into the issue… finally. But i also have seen that they released a new driver 3.1.3, but i have not tried out yet.

Thats why i got a Behringer Sudio L, absolutely no issues. Not sure if i go back to the UR.

Cheers, Stefan

I have snoozed this for 10 days and after 10 days the new driver was working fine.
I will snooze this again for another 10 days, after a month if I don’t get any crash I will consider this a success. :crossed_fingers:

Great news! During the last 10 days I haven’t got any reboot or crash.

I will wait for 20 days now and if it works, I would assume it’s solved.