Mac Cubase 12 cant record midi note lenth over bluetooth

hi there
I’ve bought a ble adapter for my korg pa4x.
And I have selected it as the midi in/out source in Cubase 12, when I start record midi, I found it cant transmit the note lenth(maybe the key off message?) just like this below

The same action works fine in Logic Pro, it can record the midi note correctly(with its lenth)

I’ve search the forum and found similar issue, like the post title “midi-over-bluetooth”

Are there any setting I should set in Cubase or MacOS? Or it just is a bug and not fixed yet?

The system info:
Mac 13.2.1(CPU:M2)
Cubase Pro 12.5
Bluetooeh adpter: DoreMIDI MTB-22
MIDI Device: Korg Pa4X

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It sounds familiar to me. It looks, like the BT MIDI Controller doesn’t send proper MIDI Note length (MIDI Note Off). I have seen some BT MIDI Controllers with the wrong time handling already.

Please, search the forum. I believe, it has been discussed few times already.

Hi,Martin, thanks for your reply.
Before I post this thread, I have searched the forum and googled for a while.
I just found this:“midi-over-bluetooth/99145/10”(I cant post the url link), a thread post in 2017
and that guy said he have asked the cubase team and they said it would be fix in future.
But it seems like that it havent been fixed in Cubase 12 ?
I will continue check the forum. Hope I would find the answer quickly.

hello Martin
Could you please advise any probably key words to search?
I havent seen anyone who have solved that problem, what I have searched showed this is a bug many years ago and not fixed yet till now.
such as the link:


You are right. This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Thanks. This bug was reported since 2017, and haven’t been soloved yet after 6 years. I do not think steinberg would spend time fixing it…

could use some other apps to route the bluetooth midi signal like, I can find a new midi channel in the midi devices list and it works.
Do you have any new ideas? It has been so long time.