Recorded notes all move to start of track

Trying to record a simple Instrument track. Recording for several bars. Instrument plays perfectly while recording. As soon as the recording is done, however, all notes appear at the very start of the track, with the same short duration.

While recording, I can see the note bars appear in the region as I play and sustain them, but they seem to disappear upon key-up. Viewing the event in the key editor, everything ended up at the absolute beginning.

Locators / region not the issue. No MIDI inserts, modifiers, quantizers, drum or expression maps on track. Restarting, reconnecting everything makes no difference. Don’t have this issue in any other DAW, only Nuendo. I’ve been doing this stuff for over 30 years, and this is about as basic a thing as anyone can do in a music app. What the heck is going on?

Using Nuendo 12.0.52 Build 393 (Rosetta) on Mac M1 Max running macOS Monterey 12.6.1, 64 GB RAM, Apogee Symphony Desktop interface. MIDI coming over Bluetooth network from an iPad surface controller.

Evidently other people have experienced this issue before, or something very similar, in Cubase, 7–10 years ago (but no solutions were identified):

Any ideas?

It works for many other people out there, so I would think this is an issue with your personal setup.
Is there any chance that you can try it without the Bluetooth connection?
Can you provide screenshots of the MIDI settings in the preferences?
Maybe we can identify some quirks there.

Yes, I have no doubt that it’s something in my personal setup. But it’s also specific to Nuendo, as I am able to use the same iPad controller over Bluetooth MIDI to Logic, Reaper and Auria without any problem.

I am now back home, and am able to record MIDI to Nuendo using a keyboard, so it seems specific to Bluetooth MIDI from iPad (which was also mentioned in one of the old posts). Have to wonder if it has something to do with clocks or MTC or anything else with how Nuendo reckons time.

Need to figure out what the issue is, so I can use Nuendo when I am on the road when my iPad is my only available controller.

MIDI configuration screenies attached: