Mac M1/M2 Users - HALion/Groove Agent from “poof” crashing

Hello everyone. For those of us on Mac M1/M2 processors…have found any workarounds to stop HALion/Groove Agent from “poof” crashing your daw? I use Logic and Cubase 12…and they are super unstable. Even choosing a different patch will take down the whole house of cards. Running in Rosetta crashes the whole she-bang. Running in NON Rosetta just crashes the plugin…but you then have to remember what you were doing before it happened.

Amadeus e.d.p

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Amadeus e.d.p


Halion 7 has also unpredictable bugs on MacBook Pro M2
we work on Studio One and Vienna Ensemble Pro Server and the Steinberg support advised us to rename several folders located in preferences folder.
Some times samples appear with a red circle …no way to load them.
The saved screen sets are ignored and Halion looks in an unwanted way.
Some other times it claims missing samples from an old deleted folder.
If we were not working on .gig samples I would give up Halion and try G-Player instead but talking with its editor he told me the soft is discontinued.
I am convicted to Steinberg multi bugs

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I am rooting for Steinberg all the way, but this is beyond unacceptable. It’s almost like the software wasn’t beta tested at ALL on the entire Apple Processor platform. I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it till things get fixed: This is the worst experience I’ve had with a VST in the history of VST’s.

I recently tried to switch over to Cubase 13. Crashes there just as much. No difference. Steinberg, this needs to get fixed and fixed very soon. People paid money for this program. It being unusable for 2 WHOLE VERSIONS is unacceptable.

Yes, I’m exceptionally frustrated. Whoever beta tested this needs to be removed from the program.

I agree , I new to HALion start wit 7 and C12 now C13 , I still get random crashes making C13 quit without warning .

It’s an Amazing Sampler my favourite by Miles .! please lets get it fixed

I’m having similar issues with Halion. Apple M1 Pro running Cubase 13.0.20 Build 148 and HALion

Import a long sample into the wavetable editor and press the “show pitch detection curve” and Cubase force quits. I’ve also had lots of other random crashes when importing long samples into the wavetable editor.

M2 pro here. Heavy GA pro user. No issues here.

thats odd , I had a M1 Max and now a M2Max , latest C13 and HALion 7 , I get at lest one Cubase quit per day using HALion , I am create sample and editing Layers in HALion .

I’m on CB 12 but I’ll keep an eye out.

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Nothing of the sort here. Heavy Halion/Groove Agent user with C13 and an M2 Pro Mini. I make jungle for the most part, my entire projects are nothing but Halion and GA tracks, I’d be dead in the water if mine were crashing. Worked on a project off and on for like 12 hours yesterday, not a single issue, about 30 Halion tracks in that one.

I’ve had a couple random crashes here and there since moving back to Cubase (about 5 months before 12 came out), but honestly, this whole setup has been nothing but rock solid from 11/12 on my old Intel Mini, to 12/13 on my M2 Pro Mini. Bought Halion last year finally when 7 came out and have not had a single regret about it. My EMU is probably mad at me for neglecting it now though…


I need more than “no issues here”. Literally everybody is having SOME issues on the Apple M platform. It’s been the same since version 6. Tech support even has no clue how to fix it other than to turn in more tickets and pray for the best.

I’m not coming after Steinberg’s neck. I’m just saying dudes, come on. The M platform was introduced in 2020. Are you saying that a software company can continue selling a product that is KNOWN TO NOT WORK is ok?

I literally have no clue what you are trying to say here. Again, this isn’t an attack on Steinberg. I assume they have different “teams” that work on different things. I’m just saying that the Halion Team has slacked for a LONG TIME and it’s getting to the point I am literally considering dropping it and going it Falcon.

I spent the whole morning working on Cubase, and there were no crashes or anything, so I am not sure what your issue might be.

This was a fresh install when I got it - I didn’t migrate anything from my old system (my audio assets are on an external SSD, and the project files/folders themselves are on another external HD.)

All my plugins are new installs as well.

I wonder if there is an old driver or old plugin that is mucking things up? - perhaps check to see if there are any updates to your interface drivers?

Also, I’m still on 12 as 13 really offers nothing for me.

There are TONS of M1/M2 users not having ANY issues with their units. I deal with them at ViewSonic all day long 5 days a week. I’ve had my own M2 Pro Mini since they came out last year, bought the misses a regular M2 Mini at the same time. Not a single issue with anything in the setup at all running either Cubase 12 or 13, aside from the actual known confirmed issues like the GA database/MediaBay stuff recently.

Working in Cubase or Wavelab or with Halion, etc is an absolute joy here day in and day out. Sounds like you need to dig in and look at the rest of your system and how its interacting to find out why you aren’t having the same experience the majority are…

Is there a “boot with just stock plugins” option in Cubase?
That could really help with troubleshooting.
That and swearing.

Hold down CMD+Shift+Option when you open Cubase, it will boot into ‘safe mode’ and you can disable some stuff to launch a ‘vanilla’ install for troubleshooting. (Ctrl-Shift-Alt for you Windows folks)

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Well, I spent the last 3 weeks working with a Level 2 Support Tech, and there are a LOT of issues. Those of you who say you are not having interface issues if you DON’T USE ROSETTA: I just don’t believe you. The windowing system is broken.

The interface elements don’t work when you click on them. It’s way harder than version 7. The surround plugin (which is the thing that I keep saying that I use that is causing a LOT of crashes) is something that I would assume many of you have never put on a sound. Start using it and tell me how stable things are running for you.

Again, I’m not throwing shade. Just frustrated that after all this time…there literally are no signs of this stuff getting fixed. Groove Agent is part of my template…and that thing crashes off the wall as well. I assume it’s based on the same engine so that makes sense.

Here is to hoping that the SURROUND PLUGIN gets fixed. That you can see your presets all again. That you can click on the ratings tab and it sorts things. So much broken. I’m just really triggered right now. UGH.

Apologies if I was a little too aggressive Noise.

Perhaps its just surround plugin?

i just spent the last 7 hours on CB 12 /m2 pro with no issues .

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Same here, been working all weekend with C13/Halion/Groove Agent, and not a hiccup. Managed to ‘finish’ 2/3 tracks even. It very well could be the surround plugin. I only have L/R/Sub monitors so no need to ever open/use it, could’ve been there the last decade for all I’d know.

I’ve been thinking about this.

It may be your Mac is defective. It does happen.

As a former Apple Systems consultant, this is how I would proceed.

A. after each crash, go to the Logs folder in your Library folder (hold down the option key and select “Go” from the finder window"). If you sort by modified date in that folder, the top file should be called “Cubase (something).ips.” That contains the latest Cubase crash log.

You can right-click on that file and open it in a text editor. It’s easier to read if you change the font to a monospace font.

Search in that file for “crash”. It looks like gobbledygook at first, but if you read through it a couple of times, it starts to make sense. You can often find the culprit here.

B. Try resetting the SMC and the PRAM. It clears up a ton of wacky and odd behaviour:

Here’s how to reset PRAM on your Mac:

  1. Shut down your computer and disconnect all USB devices (except wired keyboards).

  2. Press the power button to turn on your Mac.

  3. Immediately press and hold the Option, Command, P, and R keys on your keyboard. You need to press this key combination before the gray screen appears or it won’t work.

  4. Hold down these keys for 20 seconds, during which time your Mac will appear to restart.

  5. On older Macs that chime upon startup, hold down the keys until you hear a second chime.

  6. For Macs with the Apple T2 Security Chip, hold the keys until the Apple logo appears and disappears a second time. Here’s a list of Mac models with the T2 chip.

  7. Release the keys and let your Mac finish rebooting.

After zapping the PRAM or NVRAM, some of your user settings will also reset, such as keyboard layout, mouse tracking, startup disk, date and time, and volume. Check System Preferences and adjust anything that was changed. Otherwise, that’s all there is to reset PRAM on Mac.

(I would usually hold down the keys until there were 5 restarts)

Resetting SMC on Silicon
You can’t reset an SMC on Apple silicon, but some Apple forums have noted that shutting off your Mac and waiting for 30 seconds seems to work like an SMC reset. I would also remove the power cable too if you can. Can’t hurt.

C. You may have defective GPU / Video RAM or RAM in general, which can be hard to nail down.

If only the higher registers of RAM are bad or funky, you may only hit those regions when working on a huge project.

I would install a utility like iStat Menus (iStat Menus), which I’ve been using ever since it came out way back when. It will help you monitor CPU/GPU load, RAM usage, temperature, and a bunch of other things. It really helps one understand what’s happening inside your computer while you work. I install it on every Mac I’ve ever owned.

D. Try another DAW.

Perhaps Logic or install Reaper (as it’s kind of free).

Take note of how big your Cubase project is and try to replicate it in the other DAW.

Does the same behaviour occur? If yes, than it’s your machine; if not, then it’s something wacky about your install of Cubase (some plugin or something - I tried Mix Monolith a while back, and it crashed all the time. It never crashes with any other plugin)

I’m not sure if it’s worth the time. Amadeus-e.d.p alias SpiderMix is moaning and ranting here in the Steinberg forum for years already but isn’t able to provide a single valid info to sort even one problem out.

We use the surround capabilities of HALion since Version 4 on different systems ten hours a day and 6 days a week.