MacBook Pro M3 Max - Any users yet?

Has anyone tried Cubase on the M3 Max yet? I know it’s overkill for my work flow, but I need a new MacBook after damaging my M1 screen, and want to future proof myself. Keen to know if Cubase can use all that extra power.



From the tests I have seen, Cubase is the only DAW, alongside Reaper, that uses fully ALL the CPU’s both Performances and Efficiency.

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I’ve read the opposite, since the M2 has fewer performance cores.

You’re answering a question nobody asked.

That’s the thing. You’re not helping. You’re just saying what you know, regardless of the fact that it’s answering the actual question or not.

I would also like to know if any has the M3 max with Cubase ??

I have the M2 Max it was a big jump from the M1 Max , I only upgrade for the Ram , but now you can have 128Gb … I may go M3 Max … be nice to know how it is ???

It’s very, very good. Lots of power, total silence. M3 max is nearly as fast as M2 ultra.

Thanks Richard , did you by any chance have or use and m3 max with cubase ? To compare

I have only had the M2 Max for a years , the 128tb ram would be very handy which is way I’m thinking of a change ,