Mackie MCU

I just bought Nuendo 12 to run on a Mac. I have a Mackie MCU control surface on a PC running Pro Tools, It is around 3 years old.

Will it work with Nuendo 12? Does MCU need an update. Thanks,

I have an MCU Pro ( much older than 3 years ) and it runs perfectly with Cubase 11, which is where I use it.

I do have Nuendo 12 but I don’t need an
MCU for that work…

I would expect it would work though … the SB Mackie Control driver is pretty standard and has worked version after version in Cubendo for years…

Of course you could find out for sure with the Nuendo demo!

What is that.

I also have an old Presonus FaderPort that I got many years ago on ebay. I never tried it. Could it work too, What I am looking for is a fader to control overall loudness. Machine control would be nice too.

I have no idea where I pit away the MCU templates - have to look for them. lol

As I know 0 about a MAC I am reluctant to foo around.

PS there is a’ master fader’ on the Mackie but it isn’t even mentioned, other than pictured - any idea what it does

MCU works fine. Faderport should also work. I saw somewhere that someone wrote a MIDI remote script for the Faderport which should integrate it very well into Nuendo.


“Nuendo demo” = Nuendo trial version from the SB website.


Yes i am a studio addict lol …s