Mackie protocol - please support track meters, possible bug - controlling FX sends

Also, it seems the support for controlling sends from Mackie has a bug. It is only possible to control the first FX send for each channel, rather than all of the FX sends of the selected track.

Hi @dovjgoldman,

Please let us have a short clip which shows the steps and issue.


@LSlowak Here’s a link to the video:

It’s pretty straightforward. On the X Touch:

  1. Click “Send”
  2. Select a track (click “Select”)
  3. Turn any encoder
  4. Observe that the change is to the send level of the first FX send of the track the encoder is for. Encoder #3 adjusts FX send #1 for track 3.
  5. Observe that the LCD display for track 3 displays the exact FX send level for FX send #1 for track 3.

I would expect that after I click “Select,” encoder #3 would adjust FX send #3 for the selected track. Not so! It’s adjusting FX send #1 for track 3. For all intents and purposes, “Select” does nothing in this use case.

There is no apparent way to adjust FX sends #2-8.

By comparison, if I activate your native EQ for a given channel, after I click Select on a track, the encoders all control elements of the EQ for that track.

Please advise.


@LSlowak I contacted MusicTribe (Behringer) to ask if there is a way to select another “bank” of FX sends.

Their answer was very clear and specific: contact Steinberg and ask for their MIDI implementation document.

While I hoped for a different answer, I’m not the least bit surprised.

I come back to you Lars. Is there a combination of keys somewhere that will give access to Sends 2-8? Or, is this something your programmers have to adjust to address what might have been a misunderstanding in how Mackie Protocol should be implemented in Cubasis in regards to controlling FX sends?

Either way, here’s the ever-present “commercial” for the biggest missing item in your otherwise very helpful Mackie support:

Please support track meters!


Hi @dovjgoldman,

Thanks for all your automation-related feedback, which has been shared with the team.


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@LSlowak are supporting track metering in Mackie control and correcting the bug relating to controlling track sends from Mackie also “still on the list” like PDC?

@rad3d @SkullHQX if this is still important to you, please vote for this topic.