Please finish Mackie support

@LSlowak I’ve finished a “sketch” of my first full song in Cubasis, and I’m very pleased! Cubasis has allowed me to work on planes, in airport lounges, in hotel rooms and on buses.

That said, when I’m in my studio, I would a really appreciate the tactile help of my X Touch control surface to help me finish my mix more precisely.

As I’ve documented previously, Cubasis’ Mackie support sort of works. The missing elements:

  1. Track metering
  2. Working jog wheel. Turning the wheel moves the song pointer at such a glacial pace, it’s unusable.
  3. Precise match between physical fader position and virtual Cubasis fader position. There is an offset, as others in this forum have reported.
  4. Working sends. Control over sends only supports the first send, as I documented here - Mackie protocol - please support track meters, possible bug - controlling FX sends

@LSlowak please fix this “kind of working” feature.