MacOS Mojave compatibility

So, the verdict”s in yet?
Is Cubase compatible with Mojave? Usually Steinberg post a sticky topic with wait with the upgrade, but this time, nothing.
They advice you to wait on their support page, though.

From the Steinberg site:

“macOS 10.14 Mojave: Steinberg Product Compatibility

Apple has announced its new macOS version 10.14 (Mojave) to be released on September 24.

What does this mean for you and us here at Steinberg? It means that from October on, we shall begin testing our current line of products.
It also means that we strongly recommend you to wait with the update to macOS Mojave until the entire compatibility chart for all Steinberg products has been published no later than November 2018. If you’re relying on a trouble-free operation of our product, then please do heed our advice!”

But that’s the same advice with every update…
I might just give it a try this weekend (on a separate partition. :wink: )

Installed and running without any issues so far.

That’s good to hear, but I am also concerned with my audio card (UR44), what are the chances that it will need new or updated drivers and simply won’t work afterwards?

But I’d love to see the new Dark theme, though…

Yeah all the new Mac features look great until you decide to give it a go and realise that something really annoying, sometimes major sometimes very minor indeed break compatibility.
Addictive Drums doesn’t;t work with High Sierra for example.

I clean installed it on the Mac in my house yesterday (needed a wipe). Cubase Pro 9.5 isn’t working right at all.

The first boot up took 2 hours but it’s down to 10 minutes after that (hanging on Rewire which is a known thing Steinberg have already commented on). Opening a new project is all fine, however, I can’t open any existing projects (it’ll lock up the second I click a cubase project in the finder, don’t even get to be able to click open). Looks like Mojaves new privacy functions casing mischief at the moment.

My studio Macs never been moved past El Capitan, and it’ll stay there until I’ve forced to update for software.

I installed Mojave on my work Macbook Pro yesterday, and brought it home with me today.
Installed Cubase Pro 9.5, Roland Cloud and the UR44 drivers.

So far, everything is working as it should (meaning, no crashes, hiccups or reboots), so I am taking the plunge and upgrading my DAW to Mojave. *

  • Famous last words

The only problem I’ve encountered so far is with Sound Toys plug-ins - The colours do not display correctly, but function fine. Otherwise, 100% stable so far.

Someone has done a bit of work here to see what manufacturers are saying -

Cubase isn’t working well on Mojave for me. I receive a message during loading that ‘Cubase wants to access your contacts’, which I allowed. I then get a message saying CoreMIDI can not be loaded, please restart your system. This does not change the error message.


Update: I changed the Audio and MDID setup on my Mac to 48 Khz - Cubase opened without the CoreMIDI error message. Changed back to 44.1 Khz - Cubase opened without the message again. I’m testing Mojave + Cubase on a 2018 MacBook Pro and there may be an issue about the 2018 MacBook Pro in particular?


Several developers are reporting that their program appears to want access to your contacts in Mojave.

Updated my 2018 MacBook Pro with no problems so far - about a week. I believe it asked me about accessing contacts the first boot. I’m pretty sure I said “no” and it hasn’t asked me since.

Upon first launch of Cubase after Mojave update I got the question whether I would allow Cubase to access my contacts. I did not see any point in doing so and chose ’no’. Cubase was really slow to start but after a longish wait it started and opening an old project worked ok.

Some other dialogues got displayed too while Cubase was opening for the first time. One was about Synsopos. Can’t remember what options there were, I think I just clicked OK or the like.

I also got the contact access message. I denied it.

I then found out that when Cubase launches, it asks for access to your microphone. I thought it meant the built-in microphone in the Mac, so I denied it.
Turns out every single input on the soundcard is apparently considered a microphone, so all audio in was completely silent.

Fortunately it is easy to fix, System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Microphone: checkmark Cubase and/or other apps that uses a soundcard input.

That’s interesting. You haven’t seen an error message saying it couldn’t load CoreMIDI and suggesting the system needed to be restarted?


No, no error messages whatsoever…

Quick further update about CoreMIDI problem on 2018 MacBook Pro: seems to be connected to the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver. When the driver is uninstalled, Cubase loads normally and CoreMIDI is initiated and all is well. I reinstalled the driver and CoreMIDI wold not open.

I think I recall a similar issue with High Sierra in the past? Anyway, so far, for me, looks like this is the problem. I ca now run Cubase, but it won’t work with my UR824s.


Again, it’s weird.
I have the UR44 interface and thus has the Yamaha USB driver (latest version. Did not reinstall it since first installed on H-Sierra) installed.

Still, no error message regarding CoreMIDI.

What version of the driver do you have installed? Mine’s 1.9.10

The new one still being advertised on the website - 1.10.2 I believe. Are you using a 2018 Macbook pro?