macOS Sonoma 14.4

Don’t see that this has been mentioned here.
From John Barron on FB:
Mac Sonoma 14.4 - don’t update yet.
We’re getting some reports from people with issues using iLok and various other plug-in instability on the recently released Mac OS 14.4 including in some cases when showing the HALion window. This might be more on Silicon (‘M’ processor) Macs than the older Intel ones, but until we know more we suggest you don’t update yet if possible. The previous 14.3 version seems to have been ok.

I do not use those plug-ins and have updated on Day 2 to macOS 14.4
Dorico itself works well enough.

I don’t use multiple monitors but I’ve also read that 14.4 is showing problems with monitors and hubs.

See also this thread:

From our initial investigations, it appears that Kontakt may also be triggering a kernel panic on some systems in the latest version of macOS 14 Sonoma.

We are in touch with our contacts at Apple about this issue and hope that they will be able to solve it, but for the time being we don’t have any further information.


I`m not sure, but I think this problem with ilok are more related to AU plugins.

Here is the ilok statement:

We’ve identified an issue where some PACE-protected Audio Units plugins crash on startup with macOS Sonoma 14.4, when running on M2 or M3 hardware under the ARM architecture.

Apple is aware of this issue, and their fix is expected in an upcoming macOS point release, but they have not indicated a timeline.

Until then, we recommend:

** Avoiding macOS 14.4: If you haven’t upgraded, consider waiting.*
** Downgrading: If you’ve already upgraded, you may want to revert to a previous macOS version if possible.*
** Running your DAW under Rosetta: For those already on macOS 14.4, running your DAW under Rosetta might help if the plugin is a Universal binary.*

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and update here if there are any changes.

I’ve had this issue where Dorico’s window flickers when on a secondary display, but I cannot reproduce it reliably anymore.

Yes: I can use Opus quite happily in Dorico (as a VST), but in Logic, it crashes.

Apple released Sonoma 14.4.1 today. AU plugins problems are in the list of fixes.

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I’m still getting a kernel panic when trying to open HALion VST.

Thanks for reporting.

Yes, unfortunately the issue with HALion (and we believe a similar issue also exists with Kontakt) persists in the macOS 14.4.1 update.

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