Macro for Bulk Export of Stems - I Made One

Hi guys,

The bulk export / rendering tool in Cubase is awesome, but for me, comes with significant limitations. Mainly, it can’t export folder tracks. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m exporting stems, I don’t want 20 stereo tracks of group / shout vocals, each one panned hard left and right. I want ALL of those, bounced as one stem, with FX. The render tool can’t cope with that presently.

Sooooo … using a combination of the Cubase macro function, and a little program called Macro Recorder, I’ve made a little script that works down the track list, and exports everything one by one. Here’s what it does …

  1. Sets the output format to 24 bit
  2. Puts the first track in solo, whether it be folder, audio or midi. I haven’t tried with group channels, but I assume it could do that too
  3. Copies the name of the track and pastes that into the file name box in the export audio dialog
  4. Exports the track (you have to set the locators)
  5. Put the next track in solo, and exports
  6. Rinse and repeat
  7. When it hits a track called ZZZ, it stops (you need to insert this track at the end of the tracks to be exported)

Anyway, this thing is saving me a bucketload of time. I’ve also worked up one that will do a 16 bit wav export then straight after, a 320k mp3 export.

Can you share any more details on how this is done? Sounds like it could save me a huge amount of time!

The essence of the macro …

Solo track
Rename first selected track
Copy name
[At this point my macro checks for value “ZZZ” and stops if it finds it]
Export audio mixdown
Paste name
Tab to wav / mp3 format select box
Arrow up x 10 to ensure wav format
Tab to resolution box
Arrow down x 10 then up once to ensure 24 bit
Tab to enter button
Wait for process to finish
Select next track

Is this the software that you’re using?

That’s the one. I’m also using a couple of Macros in Cubase itself. Most importantly, I have one that does this …

Solo (to unsolo the track just exported)
Select next track
Rename first selected track (to highlight the name, which lets me copy it to the clipboard)

Importantly, the “rename” key command wasn’t available in Cubase 8. And without that, I can’t think of a reliable way to harvest the name of the track for export.

Great! Thanks very much for this useful info. I guess I should be able to figure out from here but will post if I run into any problems.

I have made a macro to make the export.
It works very well, but I can not insert the pause to “wait for the process to finish”, I do not know how to insert it correctly, then the only thing I can do is calculate how long it will take approximately the export of each track and change it in each song .
It is not the idea to change it every time.

Can someone help me to do this please?

Thank you very much

macro recorder can track window-names or graphical areas.
So in basic you need MACRO RECORDER track a window “if open - wait, if closed goto next command” or make it “see” a window name and track it until it is gone.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just route all the relevant tracks through a Group and bounce the group?

Is there a way others can download and use this macro?