Multritrack Exporting including Bus-,Aux- and MasterFX

You might find Mac a solution based on this thread, which uses a piece of Windows software combined with Macros to automate the process of exporting stems with FX etc.

Isn’t that the solution already?

To get files of the same length you’d need to make parts of audio events + enlarge them to the beginning/end of the song, the same for midi events. With the settings “as one event”, “complete signal path + master FX” plus “mix down to one track” _un_ticked the result should theoretically be what you’re asking for (or what I think you’re asking for).

True, there’s no efficient naming scheme I’d know of using RIP. That’d be a nice addition for the feature (some tickbox like “preserve track name” instead of auto-naming it like the final output channel).

Instead of renaming the tracks and multi-export them in an extra step you could just rename the rendered files using the info line. That at least doesn’t bloat the data volume. Manually renaming tracks is not ideal but at least way quicker than soloing/exporting individually.