Macro - Move track to archive folder

Anyone know how to create a macro that:

  1. Disables track
  2. Moves track to a pre-made folder called archive

I use this to move rendered vsti’s to a folder so I have them for backup purposes.

is this even possible?

Bump. Should I be asking this elsewhere?

I’m interested too. Usually to build my own I find an example that is close, then proceed, however I couldn’t even find any close examples.
I found this, but it’s too convoluted. You might as well create a Archive Folder then manually move those tracks.

The answer here is you should, but didn’t give an example.

Thanks for finding a possible solution.
I’ll see if I can work it out via the logical editor.

If its possible to export a macro I’ll try and provide a solution for others to use.

I think it should be the Project logical editor, not the midi Logical editor.

Good luck!

I don’t think there is a way to move the tracks to a folder via batch process; however, you can make Project Logical Editors to rename tracks, disable/enable, and hide/unhide them.

For the most part, you could just leave tracks where you last used them but have them disabled; hidden; and, renamed a little to signify that they’ve been disabled and hidden from view.

Why bother renaming them? So they are easy to find/select/hide/unhide/enable/disable with batch commands later.


  1. Build a logical editor that you can invoke to prepend the selected track name with a character pattern and hides the track.
  2. Build a macro in Key Commands… with an optional key binding that first disables the selected track, then runs the logic above.

From then on, when you want get disable and hide a track out of the way in your project and mixer views, launch the macro you built in step two.
Keep working, just leaving tracks where they are.

At this point,

It’s easy to use project logical editors to hunt down, select, and only display the tracks with your selected character pattern in the track name.

You could even use a Project Logical Editor to batch select based on a search pattern in track names, only show those and your Archive folder, thus making it easy to move everything to your archive folder with a click and a drag.

Moving tracks one at a time won´t work because this would create a new folder every time. But you can move all MIDI-Tracks at once.
Im german, so Im not sure about the exact wording in your version, but I use this since a while:


  1. PLE
  • select MIDI
    —> upper window: - Data Type - Equals - MIDI
    lower window: empty
    Function: Selection
  1. Project - Move selected tracks to new folder

  2. PLE

  • Rename Folder
    —> upper window: - Container Type - Equals - Folder Track
  • Name - Equals - Ordner* (*change that to the stock name, probably ‘Folder’ in the english version)
    lower window: - Name - Replace - Archive
    Function: Transform
  1. Audio - de-/activate track