Macro Needed - Channel Inserts

Hi, I don’t know whether this is possible, but I want to be able to disable all plugins that are installed (for example) on the first insert. I can disable ALL inserts without a problem with a key command, but haven’t worked out a way to disable just a specific insert point. My situation is that I have VCC as the 1st insert point on all tracks followed by other plugins, but I just want to be able to mute all instances of VCC and leave the other plugins active.

I’m using Cubase 6.0.5 with Win 7.

I hope someone can help! :slight_smile:


Maybe that’s what you’re looking for:

Cubase 6 only !!
Operations affecting selected channels: You can add or remove a VST plug-in to or from all selected channels at once by holding down [Shift]-[Alt]/[Option] and selecting the desired plug-in from any of the insert effect slots. With the same key combination you can also activate/deactivate effects or toggle their Bypass state. For Send Routing use this key combination to route all selected tracks into a FX- or Group-Channel, to activate/deactivate a Send slot or toggle their Pre-Fader state.

Thanks, but I can already do this, what I want to be able to do is mute the plugins on a specific insert but leave any other inserts active, e.g., I have an instance of VCC on every track in the first insert, but I have other plugins on some channels on inserts 2, 3, etc., I only want to disable VCC but not the others.

As I said previously, I don’t know whether this is possible but if it is I’m hoping someone can provide a solution :smiley:

You can do this from within VCC using the VCC groups - Hopefully this gives you the functionality you’re looking for!

Not quite :} If all the VCC inserts are grouped to a single group then yes… but when you have multiple groups you have to disable each individual group separately, I want to do it with all at once.