Macro-QuickControl-Automation-Tracks available as NE Target

I would like to have a own Channel Type in Cubase, that can control multiple Automation Targets inside the .cpr.

The “Volume”-Fader of this track is the current Automation Value,
you could insert: LFO, ENV, Note2Automation…
And with the sends you could choose like the “QuickControls” a automation Target inside the .cpr you want,
(and a “annmount configuration” dialog for every send (e))

and this Macro-QuickControl-Automation-Channel is availabel in the Midi Editor for every Note.

So Steinberg would give the user the ability to use the full power of the QuickContrls without workarounds inside the:
Midi-Editor (NE)
Project Window: should can: cut, strech, revers… those “Automation Events” on those tracks…

Best Regards!