Macro works as key command but not as remote command [SOLVED]

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I have a series of Macro’s that I would like to trigger using TouchOSC through MIDI bridge. Within these Macro’s is a duplicate command that gets mixed up using MIDI to trigger it as opposed to using key commands to do the exact process. Why would MIDI triggers be slower/buggy compared to a key command trigger of the exact same macro?

Found this relic.:

Another relic:

// UPDATE & WORKAROUND for the person who ends up on this lonely trail after me. :smiley:

’…Instead you have to trigger a project logical preset, and that logical preset needs to trigger the macro…'



There is a design problem worth Macros in Cubase. When you use any Macro, Cubase doesn’t know, if the command had been processed already, or not. It just fires series of commands. So it could sometimes happens, the command B had been triggered before command A has finished the processing. Then the command B could take wrong data in account.

My personal workaround is to insert Save function as an idle. This is so important function that Cubase always wait until it had been finished before the next step. And it doesn’t hurt to save the project. :wink:

To your question, why is it different, if you trigger it via Key Command, versus from MIDI… I didn’t make any research, but what I could imagine is that the Key Command is processed at totally different thread than the MIDI. Therefore there could some timing difference. Timing when exactly is the very first command triggered and what is the priority amount the other tasks. And then again, as the Macro just fires the commands, this init timing could make the whole process shifted.

I don’t know, just my guess.

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Hey Martin,

Thank you very much for responding!

I edited my post above with the solution that works until Steinberg gets to the bug. If you run into this I hope it helps!

Thanks again for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

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