Make Transport Bar items available for Top Bar to save space

By the nature of the horizontal split design in Cubase 9, vertical screen space becomes very valuable, especially on widescreens. More vertical space allows you to see more tracks in the project or octaves in the lower editor.

The result could look like this:

(click to expand)](

…if these options were to be added:

Currently there are still legacy Transport Buttons for the top bar and time/locators, but not any of the new items…

Is this request the same as this request…?

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I didn’t see yours, sorry. I guess I was too excited to show off how it fits there with no problems. :wink:

Well then… +1 :wink:

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+1. the option of totally putting it at the top would improve my workflow. I really dislike having where it is now. And the floating window is an option, but not great either.