Making a connection via the LAN

For VST Connnect Pro users: Here’s an animated gif of how it looks on both sides, when connecting via a Local Area Network. You can also do this to connect both sides on the same machine for testing or learning.

Where is the GIF?

Good question :slight_smile:

I assume this didn’t move across correctly when the forum software was migrated.

this may help:

Okay, I used the Login section on VST Connect Pro and typed the key numbers into VST Performer on my laptop. I still don’t have a connection. What am I doing wrong?

you need to press the little button to the right of the name in VST Peformer - That weird triangle thing. That’s the login button

It’s not very clear is it ?!

EDIT - this doesn’t work on the LAN …different login method for that

LAN test is what I’m trying to do to prepare for a session test on Monday. So, what’s the procedure for LAN sessions?

Steve originally did a good post about this - but all the .gifs didn’t transfer over so I’ll try to explain it :slight_smile:

When you are on the LAN (with VST PRO) you don’t log in - when studio/performer are on the same subnet then a little blue icon lights up on the peformer. It’s looks a bit like a wifi symbol on it’s side - to the right of the pw/key field.

click on it and it allows you to connect.

BUT - I’ve found the LAN connection a bit flakey - sometimes it doesn’t connect…give it a go though might work fine for you.

When I test I tend to do it over a tethered cell phone

LAN connection is not working at all for me! :angry:

My mic is the camera mic running through an ATEM Mini Switcher that I use daily for Skype sessions. The VST Performer app is picking up the signal loud and clear. I can also see the signal loud and clear coming up on the Nuendo inputs.
VST Pro has accepted the ATEM Mini input for the video connection and the Audio input for the Talkback mic is RayDAT No. 1 which is the audio feed from the mini.
VST Performer has the LAN indicator lit and shows up in the VST Pro list of performers.
VST Pro is logged in. But it will not let me make any adjustments in the performer settings window because THERE IS NO CONNECTION.
I’ve read the manual and watched every tutorial I can find. None of these vaporous instructions is getting me to a “handshake position” so that I can figure this thing out before I have to lead others in this test session on Monday.
Really Frustrating! :angry:

On the Performer app you click on the blue (lit) button and select you should see the IP address of the ‘studio’ - click on that.

yep, there is a learning curve - stick with it :slight_smile:

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It wasn’t working when VST Pro wasn’t logged in either.
The VST Performer is working exactly as all the instructions described. The blue light is lit and the ip address is present.
But, so far nothing is working on the VST Pro side, except finding the Performer side to list it. Beyond that NOTHING is connecting or even showing that it’s on. :frowning_face:

blue light > ip address…try clicking on it ?

Yes, the ip address is present if I click on the blue light on the Performer side. Everything is working on the Performer side. The VST Pro side WILL NOT CONNECT to it.

I have it open right now. VST Pro is on without me logging in in either method. I didn’t even touch it! The Performer channel was generated and shows the correct connection to the Performer’s Mic.
I’ve got video on the Performer Side.
I’ve got nothing on the VST Pro side: No video, No control of the Studio Functions, NOTHING! It’s like it’s not even on.

ok - understood :slight_smile:

do you have any firewalling on the studio PC ? (windows firewall ?)

^^^ yep - you don’t log in on the LAN

just a thought - I’m not entirely clear on how your performer (client) is set up - I know you described it but I’m not clear what it is (mac / pc / what sound card) - might be something there that VST connect doesn’t like - try stripping it back a bit.

works fine here with a mac client with built in audio and webcam - on PC I use asio4all to test

The laptop is a PC ( i7 2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz 64bit OS with Win 10)
I’ve got eSet Security on it. But I authorized the webcam to work with VST Performer. So, there shouldn’t be any blocking there. Like I said, everything works on the Performer side.

VST Pro side is i9 9900 with Win 10 Pro with Windows Firewall. Sound Card is RME RayDat. Full studio gear specs are in my profile.

The studio can’t see the performer camera or hear the performer mic (and can’t see the mixer etc) - if I understand the situation correctly ?

so this ‘might’ be eSet security ‘protecting’ the performer’s computer - can you try it disabled ?

It didn’t make any difference. So I disconnected the LAN cable and tried using either login method. Login didn’t work at all. But id at least told me that I couldn’t login that way because both computers were on the same network.

HEY, IT’S WORKING! I don’t know what I did. So, I don’t know exactly what to do to repeat the process. The id share login was set and then I clicked on the space next to the ip address on the laptop and it just sprang to life!!

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maybe the unplugging and plugging back in of the network cable did something …but hey it’s a WIN

rest assured it get’s easier :slight_smile:

I didn’t plug the LAN cable back in. It’s still disconnected. But so far, it’s working enough for me to see how the controls work now.

so you were connected via wifi and ethernet ? that might give some odd routing problems ?