Many fewer "mouse-overs" in Dorico Pro 4?

I’ve been running Dorico Pro 4 for a few hours now - I’m certainly liking it!

However, I noticed a lot fewer “mouse-over” hints as I mouse over UI elements (I’m on Windows 10) than I see in Dorico Pro 3.5.

Is this by design, or an oversight?

Especially when using the richer UI in Dorico 4, I’d appreciate more hints as to what the UI element will do when I click it!


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I wonder if it is at all related to this problem:

The flyout problem doesn’t relate to tooltips per se, but does seem to involve recognizing mouse events, which is at least in the same neighborhood as the tooltips.

Yes, I get tooltips for ui elements pretty much everywhere except the top ones in the frame window. So for example not for the transport controls, or the power button next to them (whatever that does) or anything on that horizontal level.

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The power button enables audio playback; if it’s not activated, samples won’t be loaded. This is useful if you have, for example, two files open simultaneously.

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