Many problems with score edit and pdf-export

I encounter the following problems (problems appeared either with version 7, or 7.5, having upgraded directly of the 6 to the 7.5, I do not know for the 7) :

  • Page-setting (scale end rotation) of the scores not backed up with the project! After closing of Cubase, the project always opens with : scale 100%, rotation portrait.
  • When I export my scores in pdf via the printing menu, the size of the files is enormous (1,5 Mo for A4 page) and it is fuzzy, poor quality! For comparison, a file pdf created in Cubase 6 = 114ko.
  • When I export my scores in pdf directly since the menu file, even problem and moreover, only the 1st page is exported!

Any issues?

Sorry for my English!

Here are a couple threads in which this has been discussed. The file size and page setup/scaling issues have persisted, sorry to say.

The export score function does indeed export only one page at a time, so there’s no workaround there.

For me, that means that the score editor of Cubase is unusable…Then, why Steinberg made evolve this editor, but does not solve basics problems!?

There are a bunch of free print to PDF apps out there. Once installed they appear like just another printer you can use. But when you select it in the print dialog it will ask for a file-name. I use PDFLite on Windows (only because it’s the first one I grabbed). Google “print to pdf” and you’ll find what you need.

This does not apply to Mac OS. Printing system is locked down in this regard.

Why does this render the entire Score Editor unusable for you?

Wow, that really surprises me. :astonished: I’d have expected Apple to build in that capability themselves.

They have, of course. In OS X no 3rd party tools are needed for pdf printing.

Programs that use it have to implement it in a certain way to get all the benefits. Many programs do so, Cubase does not.

For the record, for me, the huge file size problem has been solved by sending links to drop-box type services.

The issue the OP spoke of has no workaround currently.

Why does this render the entire Score Editor unusable for you?


I can use it for editing notes (only the midi-edition), for preparing xml-files for “serious and professional” editing with Sibelius… I proceed in this way for 3 years.

I have many “old” files, only in Cubase and cannot any more export in pdf-files correctly… And i must everytime scale and rotation parameterize… That does not go…

Have the Steinberg-Team dont test and dont see that?

I would suggest just use Sibelius :smiley:

I’ve noticed pdf export works great under osx but only in 32bit mode and not in 64bit mode… in cubase 6 I don’t have cubase 7 to test it, someone could do for me? thanks

32bit or 64bit mode, that does not change anything by me!

@rpaillot805 Yes, but I still have many old files (Cubase)…

New update 7.5.20 installed and unsolved problem :frowning:

Thanks Steinberg!

+2 or Finalé.

I use already Sibelius… But I still have old files only in Cubase!

And it is not my question… I use Cubase all the same, and I would like that function!