Many versions of Cubase purchased from my account and plugin information are missing, and Cubase11 cannot be opened properly

I bought Cubase11 last year and it still doesn’t work properly. It gets stuck during startup every time and I still have to use the previous version of Cubase10.5. My system is Windows 10.
In addition, I hope to add a mute button in the piano window, because sometimes when the piano window editing is opened, it needs to listen to the sound of other tracks in the state of monorail mute. But now you have to close the piano window to press the mute button, which is very impersonal.
After I log in my account, why is there only a small amount of purchase information? I’ve bought a lot of Cubase versions and plugins! Is it lost?

hi Yu_David

try deleting your preferences, back them up first

Regarding the missing versions…if you have updated cubase then you ONLY get the latest version showing in your account.

What is missing ?What does it say on your elicencer ? Have you registered them to your account all via the eLCC ?

Hi Dr.Strangelove
Thank you for your tips. I have successfully registered all the products I purchased into my personal account on the official website.
But the Cubase11 startup issue is still unresolved because the Preferences cannot be removed.
I don’t know if there’s any other way.

you can delete (backup first) the entire directory:

it’s in:
users/“your name”/appdata/roaming/Steinberg/ (or something like that)
delete (backup!) the entire cubase11_64 directory

OK, I’ll try it. I’m worried, because I have work going on, using Cubase10.5. Will it affect my work?

it should have no affect…but make sure you backup that directory first…then you can restore it if needed.