Mapping Midi Remote with Channel Strip

Hey Cubers,

I can’t seem to work this midi remote in Cubase as I’m trying to set up my MIDI controller to control channel strip processors. Currently, I need to navigate through the channel settings using my mouse to activate specific processors, such as compressors.

I’m looking for a way to simplify this process and activate processors directly on my MIDI controller for the selected track so I can do all that just by blindly using my controller.
I’ve tried mapping in many different ways using the editor but most functions for the strip don’t do anything (activate? edit plugin?) except for the bypass function although it requires for the processor to be already on.
All the other parameters work fine, at least once the processor is on.
is there a way to do this? I’ve been waiting for many updates for this function but we’re now at 13 and it’s too weird you can’t do this already, so I’m probably setting something wrong.

thank you all for any help, I hope this hasn’t already been discussed but I can’t find anything unfortunately.

sorry to bump this up but I’m very interested in knowing if this is possible to do


The activate actually works, but it may not look so. As an example, to better understand this, assign a button to the Activate Plug-in for the compressor of the selected track, set it to toggle mode and then open the channel strip and the window of the compressor. You will see that upon activating, the levels are updated, while when deactivating they do not respond.

The Edit Plug-in does not work, and there’s a reason for that, I guess. Except from the Compressors and the Maximizer, no other strip plug-in has a dedicated window to open. Don’t ask me why it doesn’t open the window for the ones that do have one, I simply don’t know. However, I have to guess that the logic of the channel strip is to control fast what we want, and just another open window won’t offer that much. Most of the time, we even barely open the Channel Settings Window while using our controllers, at least that’s the case with me. As you correctly stated, we use them “blindly”.

I understand that you thought that the activate plug-in was supposed to actually load a plug-in, but this is not the case as I’ve written previously. Note that even if it did this, it should load a “default” one, while except from the Noise Gate, all other slots can have different plugins.

One way to achieve this, is to have a saved track preset with the strip effects loaded. You can even have a template of such track presets as you most probably already know.

Another way, way less straight-forward, is to use MCU commands, but this involves scripting so I wouldn’t recommend it, since you obviously work with the assistant. If, however, you’re into scripting, I could provide details on this one.

I somehow think that my feature-request for inserts, etc, actually should cover the case of strip effects:

Hey, thank you so much for your reply!
I guess there aren’t many people interested in this function and I was feeling kinda lonely ahah
yes, I’ve noticed the behavior of the activate button, when there’s a compressor loaded (any compressor actually) it does respond and turn the light on my mf twister but yes it’s just a light as of now, you can’t use it to turn on the module or choose any plugin with it.

I guess we would need a parameter that chooses between “no plugin and a list of available processors” but I don’t know if it’s possible or if there’s an interest in adding it in the future.

I think the strip paired with any controller could be the perfect version of what Softube or SSL would want their midi controllers to be! it’s an immediate way to control basic parameters and honestly, the plugins sound pretty good and clean (although the development of the channel strip seems to have been at a standstill for several updates.)
Unfortunately, I’m not very programming savvy but thank you so much for being willing to clarify this for me!

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