Markers from Cubase to Wavelab

I have a lot of markers in Cubase and I need to get them into wavelab. I’ve tried exporting the marker tracks as XML but wavelab can’t read them.

Anyone got any smart ideas?


So in case anyone is reading this in the future, I came up with a horrible workaround to solve this problem, it doesn’t deal with marker names, but at least gets them all in the right place…
I created a little macro in cubase to convert the markers to cycle markers (essentially with the cursor on the first marker, set left locator, move to next event, set right locator, create cycle marker). Assign a shortcut and hold that shorcut down until it’s done all the markers.

Then, I muted everything and exported those cycle markers as silent audio files. Then I imported all those audio files into the wavelab montage and used cd wizard to create markers.
It’s insane to me that there isn’t a quicker way to make this happen, or that the two xml marker formats for wavelab and cubase respectively can’t talk to one another, but at least I now have my several thousand markers in the right place!!

Hope this is useful to someone!