Master tuning for project

Okay I have a really wierd one here. A project ‘template’ that I have been using for ages for teaching is now behaving oddly.

I have Halion drums, Kontakt bass guitar, and Jupiter8 midi tracks, and I record guitar into another track. The midi bass data is imported from MuseScore where I write the exercises.

All of a sudden the project is no longer ‘in tune’. The imported midi looks correct - a CGAD sequence puts the notes in the right place in the midi editor. A chord track to drive the keys plays along with the imported midi just fine. However, when I record guitar it is one and a half semitones flat.

At first I thought the guitar was out of tune, but the string tension felt really high, so I checked in Amplitube, GuitarRig and a physical tuner pedal and sure enough all three confirmed my guitar is indeed in tune. Only when I play a G on my guitar, via the mono input channel onto an audio track, it does not align with a G on any midi track. Even the VST Amp Rack tuner is telling me to tune up, even though I know the guitar is correctly tuned.

So the only thing I could think of is if there is some kind of master project tuning setting somewhere. I created a new project and recorded guitar along to a synth bass line, and it was all in tune. So it is definitely something specific to this project.

I really dont want to have to recreate the project as there are lots of EQ and effect settings I’d have to build from scratch.

Grateful for any ideas how to fix


It sounds to me like your project is set to a different sample rate than your sound interface, e.g. one is at 48kHz and the other is at 44.1kHz.

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Oh valvehead, you’ve embarrased me. Such a rookie mistake :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.

I’ve noticed those discrepancies manifest in other ways before but never on input. Live and learn eh.

If I have the formula correct, the difference between 48kHz and 44.1kHz is about 1.5 semitones:

12*log2(48000/44100) = 1.467

Concerning how the interface ended up with a different sample rate, do you also use the sound interface for general sound output in the OS (media player playback, system sounds, etc.)? Personally I avoid this by using the builtin sound interface for general playback and reserve the main interface for Cubase exclusively. I then use a monitor controller to switch between them.

Cool algebra. Copied and pasted. Love stuff like that. Thx

So, yeah I do use the interface in a general purpose manner, although I have a seperate ‘account’ on my mac for graphics/video and for pro audio so that helps keep things in their own buckets generally. But yeah I do need to remember to switch back to 41k when I’m doing low res audio work after doing 48k video work. I really dont like using the little 1/8" ports on the mac if I can avoid it.

Which monitor controller do you use? Its an interesting concept. I’ll have to look further into it.


Presonus Central Station Plus

It has its own DAC, so I just connect it to the optical output of my generic sound card. My main interface (RME Fireface UFX+) is connected via analog jacks.

Wow, thats a trick setup. Beyond my needs and means at this point of time, but wow thats some nice kit for the wish list

Cheers again