Maudio FTP & direct monitoring

I use a MAudio Fast Track Pro and I can’t use direct monitoring :frowning:
(the relevant button is grayed in Cubase)
The only thing that I can do is to turn the Mix button full out but I hear my voice delayed…
Can anybody help me ?

set the soundcards buffer size to 128 or less.

tnx for your answer, but if I do this, I get a lot of cracks…
What I would like to do is to activate the direct monitoring for my MTP (I saw a checkbox in Cubase, but it is grayed…)

As explained in the manual, if the checkbox is grayed, your interface doesn´t support ASIO direct monitoring.

You will need to reduce the load on the computer then. You can achieve this by freezing tracks and or exporting/importing load heavy tracks/instruments.

so, there is no way to use the physical direct monitoring of the FTP ?
(because if I could use it, I wouldn’t have any latency at all…)

That´s what the mix knob is for.

may be I misunderstand something because :

  • if I turn the mix button full left I hear just my voice singing in the mike (direct monitoring of the FTP input) : not good, I have not the instrumental part
  • if I turn the mix button full right I hear exactly what Cubase hears (already recorded tracks + my direct voice delayed due to the latency) : not good of course, it’s impossible to keep in time…
  • if I try anything between, it’s a disaster because I can hear my voice two times (the direct input then the delayed echo)…

what I would like to get is to hear in the headset the instrumental coming from Cubase and my direct voice (not going through cubase) in order to be sure that what I’m singing is going to fit the instrumental part

But that wouldn’t magically make the Cubase tracks play any sooner!!!

Try recording a live track with the mix knob at halfway. Also, Mute the input of the live track while recording. Unmute it on playback of course. I think you’re hearing both your direct input plus the input coming back from Cubase, worth a try.

Yes you are being pointed in the right direction.

the first thing to do is disable the listen/monitor button in Cubase to get rid of the latency delayed signal.
Then set the balance of vocal to track with the mix knob.

Often the track is much louder than the live input so you may need to drop it’s volume with the master fader & turn up the interface headphone level.

& if SPlit was making a serious point :confused: It doesn’t need to magically make Cubase play sooner. You will sing in time to the late signal & Cubase then shifts it back into time.

YESSSSSSSSSS that’s it !
tnx to you, Grim.
I didn’t have the idea to disable the monitor button :frowning:
(it wasn’t logic to me…)
and, you’re right, the tracks are very much louder than my voice input…
not very easy to set up but, I think I got the trick…
It’s certainly a very common problem, I was surprised not to get a solution…
BTW, do you know if it is possible to user a jack doubler with the FTP in order to plug 2 headphones ?
(no risk to loose the signal by “sharing” ?)

& if SPlit was making a serious point :confused: quote]

Who me… serious :laughing: