MC Control Jog Track Select Question

In the Eucontrol set up for Jog Track Select, it offers a LEFT EDIT or RIGHT EDIT FIELD. I assumed that this referred to the direction you turned the jog wheel (turn the wheel right and the cursor scrolls through the tracks from left to right or vice versa). But after trying both options, there hasn’t been any change to the wheel’s direction control.

I would like to turn the wheel right and have the tracks go left to right. But the tracks only move right when I turn the wheel left (??). So, can you guys tell me:

  1. What the left and right edit commands refer to and,
  2. How do I get the the wheel to turn right and make the cursor scroll right as well? :question:


Hello? Is this thing on?

I can’t answer point 1.
But for point 2, program a button for the Jog wheel with the Right and Left ARROW keys. This will not only scroll tracks, but scroll anywhere where you would use arrow keys, for example in the open Plugin list.
You can follow these instructions:
You create a soft key assignment so then when it is pushed, the Artist Control Jog wheel will take on the function you assign to it, until it is pushed again.
You go to Eucontrol and go to the “softkey” tab, there you will find a drop down window with the different devices that you can program.
Select TU Wheel, (I know you don’t own it, but that does not matter)
Double click the “Jog” button.
A window pops up, at the top select “Add” ,a window pops up to name your new custom command.
After you name it, you are left with a screen that has the drop down menu for “Turn Jog Right” and “Turn Jog Left”
So what you need to do in Cubase is, assign a keyboard keycommand to what you want the jog wheel to do when you turn right and left, this can be anything, in your case Right and Left Arrow keys.
Now on this screen under Command drop down menu, select “Key” and enter the Cubase Keycommand you want to trigger.
Do the same for the “Turn Jog Left”.
now close that window
Back on the “softkeys” tab select “surface” or “touchscreen” depending on where you want to put the button to “activate” the special jog function.
after selecting a location
Select the “command” to program to that softkey
THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART in the command drop down menu, your going to select “wheel”
then in the Wheel drop down menu on the right select the icon that look like an MC Control
and select “Jog”
under that in the “function” drop down menu, Select you custom jog function you named.
now when you hit that softkey, the jog wheel will take on that function that you programmed until you hit that softkey again to turn it off.

You can put ANY key command on the Jog wheel this way.
from this thread:

Time to release a new video :wink:


Thanks a lot!! :smiley:

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it’s not working. I followed every instruction step by step. I programmed the left and right KCs to the jog wheel. But when I turn it it keeps turning external synch on and off! I’ve tried it 3 times now and it keeps going to the synch function NOT the left and right arrows.

I thought maybe you had to select a channel to get it started. So I selected a track from the MC Control list. Then I activated the jog wheel with the new Soft key command. Instead of going left or right, it activated the record arm function!

The left and right arrows work directly from the QWERTY KB for scrolling through the mixer channels and the original function I programmed using the jog wheel functions (though turning left = right and truning right = left - the very problem I’m trying to solve). But where ever I point, this new command seems to trigger anything BUT the function I want!

What am I missing?

Well I can’t say I know what might be going wrong.
Things you can try:
Use a new location for the button on the MC not overwriting an old one.
Make sure it is a key command and not a Eucon command you are putting on the jog wheel.
Check Nuendo’s key commands for what the new jog wheel function is doing wrong, for example, you said it was turning sync on and off. Check to see what key command that is in Nuendo, maybe remove those key commands, or change them.
I can’t say I have ever had this problem, so I don’t know what else to suggest.
I am open the rest of the day here, so I may do a quick video to show it.

After doing some more testing:
1)I cannot repro the problem with the programming you are having, so I don’t what else to suggest.
2) Programming the right and left arrow keys on the jog wheel for scrolling track may not be a good solution after all. Because of the silly focus/key command problems in Nuendo, the right and left arrow key commands behave differently depending on which window is in focus. If the Project window is in focus, you need to use Up and Down arrows to properly scroll. If the Mixer is in focus you need to use the left and right arrow keys to scroll. So you would need to program 2 different soft keys to scroll depending on which window you want to scroll in.
So what I thought would be a great solution for you, is only a partial solution.

However I have a soft key programmed to scroll plugin list windows with the jog wheel that works wonderfully.

This is distracting as hell! I wrote a Wheel Command to be able to quickly scroll through the mixer channels. :frowning:

Pages 47 - 50 of the Artist’s Control User’s Guide gave step by step instructions on how to set up Jog Wheel Commands. Someone on the Avid site helped me tweak it to the specific task, as the manual’s example was inserting up & down arrows when the wheel turned left and right.

To create a custom Jog command:
1 Select Wheel from the Section pop-up menu. The Soft Key Wheel window opens.
(Creating a command in the Soft Keys tab
It is normal for the window to show an image of the Artist Transport.)

2 Double-click the Jog label. The Jog Wheel Command Editor opens.

3 Click the + button and select Arrow Keys as the name for the command. Note that the lower pop-up is set to Turn Jog Right. TheJog Wheel must be programmed to turn right and left.

4 Click the Add pop-up menu and select the Key command type.

5 Select Down Arrow from the Insert Special pop-up menu. You have assigned the command for the Jog Wheel to turn right, now
assign it to turn left.
Soft Key Wheel
Jog Wheel
6 Select Turn Jog Left and select the Key command type from the Add pop-up menu.

7 Select Up Arrow from the Insert Special pop-up menu.

8 Close the Jog Wheel Command Editor. You can now select a Soft Key to press to assign it to the Jog Wheel.

To assign a Soft Key for the new Jog Wheel command:
1 In the Soft Key tab of EuControl, select Artist Control Surface from the Section pop-up.

2 Find a blank Soft Key and double-click it. You may need to select a different (or new) page to find a blank key. The Soft Key
Command Editor dialog opens.

3 Select the Wheel command type from the Add pop-up menu.

4 Select Artist Control’s Jog from the Wheel pop-up menu. Make sure to select Artist Control’s Jog (bottom) and not Artist Transport’s
Jog (top). Icons beside their labels make this clear.

5 Select Function > Custom > arrow keys.

6 Close the Soft Key Command Editor.
Soft Keys dialog
Soft Key

I inserted both the Track select Left AND Right commands into the Jog Wheel as instructed.

Then I inserted both custom commands into the Soft Key as instructed.

So why won’t the tracks scroll left when I turn the jog wheel left (or vice versa)???

I THINK I may have found part of the problem. In Figure 1, only one of the commands is present in the jog wheel. I programmed 2. Next, I noticed that I can stack any combination of commands EXCEPT WHEEL COMMANDS. I was able to add KC, MC, Page & Eucon. But when I tried to add a second wheel command, it kept going back to Add status.

I can build macro commands in the Soft Key Section (as seen in Figure 2) as well.

So, do I have some kind of malfunction here, or is that the way it’s supposed to work in the jog wheel command section?

Hello, a softkey CAN contain ONLY one EuCon command, one Wheel Command, one MC Layout command and as many key commands as you want.

The left edit and right edit sections or wheel commands have the same effect for the Artist series wheels. They are here for compatibility with System 5 MC wich have a left and a right section.

You can create your own wheel command and affect it to a softkey. You have to program how the wheel acts when you turn it left (with a EuCon or Key command) and how it acts when you turn it right.

I’m currently writing a soft to program the Artist series so I searched à lot of informations about these.

Hope this helps

I have tried every single or combination of Eucon or KCs and even NO COMMAND(S) AT ALL and I still can’t get this wheel to match the direction of the scrolling tracks on the mixer. IF you have managed to get your wheel and tracks aligned properly on a PC/Win 7 platform, would you please talk me throught it step by step? Right now, I’m just dealing with a “dyslexic wheel!” :angry:

If you select the Wheel Command “Jog Track Select”, Left or Right Edit, the Wheel will act the way you described, ie if you turn it left the tracks are scrolled right (!!!) and if you turn it right, the tracks are scrolled left. Don’t know if it’s a bug but it’s not very logical.

To get the Wheel act as you would expect, you have to ceate a custom Wheel command to select previous or next track depending the way you turn the Wheel.

I tested it today with Cubase and it’s OK :

  1. Open Eucontrol application

  2. Select TUWheel in the Section List

  3. Double click on the “JOG” SoftKey

  4. It opens the Custom Jog Wheel Commands

  5. Click “Add” a new Custom Jog Command

  6. Enter a name for that command : “Scroll Tracks

  7. Be sure Turn Jog Right is selected in the second combobox

  8. Add a EuCon command : Key Commands / Project / Select Track:Next

  9. Select Turn Jog Left in the second combobox

  10. Repeat the EuCon operation but this time choose Key Commands / Project / Select Track:Prev

  11. Close the command Editor

  12. In an empty location of your Touchsceen SoftKeys (or Surface buttons) , create a new SoftKey

  13. Name it, colorize it and eventually add an icon

  14. Double click on the new SoftKey

  15. In the SoftKey Editor, add a Wheel command in your new SoftKey

  16. In the Wheel combobox to the right, select the Wheel you want to use the command (the Control Jog Wheel or the Transport Jog Wheel if you own an Artist Transport)

  17. In the Function combobox, choose “Custom” then “Scroll Tracks” in the second menu (the command you created before)

  18. The command Summary list should display “Wheel Scroll Tracks”

  19. Save your appset (important step)

  20. On the touchscreen, press the SoftKey you created to enable your new Custom Wheel command

  21. Ta dah : you can scroll your tracks left when you turn the Jog left and right when you turn it right.

Hope this helps !

Tip : if it’s not functionning correctly the first time you press the new softKey, try to choose another Wheel command via another SoftKey and repress your new SoftKey to force EuControl to reconize the new custom Jog command (you have sometimes to do it, but once for all !)

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Thanks a lot! I will try this the second I get back into the studio!!

GOD bless you Sir!!! :mrgreen: IT FINALLY WORKS!! I don’t know why, but I had to run the process 3 times before I could get the desired results.

1st time: Jog Wheel wouldn’t move at all.
2nd time: Jog Wheel would ONLY turn left. This was an improvement, as the wheel was turning left and the tracks were scrolling left. But I got no movement at all when I turned the whell to the right.
3rd time: I started documenting each step in a series of screen shots to prove that I have followed each instruction. But then it started working in BOTH DIRECTIONS correctly! So there was no need to post the pictures.

I am soo glad that you were able to repro the “opposite scroll process!” Nobody else even acknowledged that this was the case. So getting back even that much information was reassuring! Now that it finally works, I feel such immense relief and joy. This thing was bugging the crap out of me! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!