Media Bay slow as hell

The media browser in the right zone in project window is veeeery slow compared to Cubase 10.5. It shows me immediately like 10 results and I have to wait for the rest like 10 seconds. Very disappointing and flow breaking when I have an idea and know exactly where to look, it just stops me and eventually the idea could get lost. I have my samples folder marked as favourite and the main Media Bay says it’s scanned completely. But the problem persist.

It seems to work fine and fast on my system.

Has never worked quick enough for me, i usually wait 4 seconds for a few results and up to 10-15 seconds for the rest of the results to load.
This goes for .vstpresets in the dropdown of a synth also.

Since cubase 8 i have had a slower than it should be mediabay :frowning:

Sorry to hear that about your experience.

To be fair, I should say, I’m hosting all of that content on fast SSDs.

Are you?

I’m using HDD, but that doesn’t change anything if it worked fine in 10.5.
I tried to do a Quick Scan, Deep Scan, multiple times, restart with no avail. Even HDD is not that slow to wait 10 seconds to show a folder content

A few times that happened I have moved the preferences files out and let Cubase rebuilt it and it is solved.
After that I have put back my customized preference files only.

Mac Mojave and Catalina

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