MediaBay Filters have disappeared

Hey :grinning:

Within Cubase’s Mediabay window, the filters in my filter window have disappeared, despite restarting my PC and opening several new projects over the past few days.

I run Cubase Pro 11 on a new build Windows 10 PC.

Having recently installed Cubase Pro 11 onto my new system I’d have thought that a lot of the bugs I encountered on my old PC would no longer be an issue.

Is it just me or is Pro 11 very buggy? (I also encounter occasional error messages when Importing/exporting audio and other menial tasks.



Click to the Setup Window Layout in the MediaBay and enable Filters here.

Thanks for the response, I have this selected and still they don’t show. I’ve noticed that the filters flash up very briefly within the filter menu for less than 1 second before they disappearing - this also happens when resetting my filters.

I genuinely believe it may be a bug and I may have to install Cubase :roll_eyes:

I’ve just reinstalled Cubase but to no avail… I love Cubase but Pro 11 has been very buggy for me since release…!


Does it mean, you can see the filter section, but it’s empty? Canyon attach a screenshot?

You know, if you set any filter, the other columns are also filtered accordingly. Do you have any Logical filter enabled, by any chance?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Yes, I can see the filter section but its empty, even when trying to change any of the settings.

I don’t believe I have a logical filter enabled. Here are some screenshots.


I’ve just launched Safe Mode and the filters have re-appeared, so I assume it’s a fault in my setup preferences! I’ll have a look into that now,

Thanks for the responses!

I had this happen a few months ago on C10.5, here’s what fixed it for me

Although looking at the old thread I suspect some posts didn’t make it thru the forum xfer - I’m pretty sure my last post is not a response to what is quoted in it but to a missing post.