Mediabay Settings Problem

MediaBay in C9.5 would keep my chosen view/columns/list of results the way I set it up once.
Now, in Cubase 10, everytime I choose a new folder with different file types (wav / midi / presets etc.), MediaBay changes the view format in results list. This is quite annoying. If there’s info I don’t need, then I’d like to not use up space for it.

Is this intended? Is there a solution for this? Once I found out about all the filter and list/sort options in MediaBay, it became my favourite tool for searching sounds. Why would they change this simple and effective functionality?


Sorry to bump my own thread, but this is important to me:

Can someone confirm that the column-layout of the MediaBay does not stay as it was set up by the user? Clicking different folders in the browser (left zone) will reset column-view to different default-views (I assume?).
Or maybe it’s a fault in my preferences?
MediaBay is rendered unusable like this for me. That would mean going back to C9.5…



Sorry, I’m not really sure I can understand your problem. I mean I can understand the problem, but I’m not 100% sure, how to reproduce it. Could you make a video, or a screenshots, please?

Thanks Martin,
yeah I figured it’s not so easy to describe. I’ll try making a screengrab tomorrow.
The behavior is probably intended. But then there should be an option for it.

So here’s a video showing what I mean.

Selecting a new folder changes column view to respective defaults.
MediaBay remembers the chosen view for selected folder if I go back, but not for sub-folders. So I’d have to customize result columns for every single folder? For every media type selected? That can’t be the Idea.


Do I understand it right, that every single folder remembers its columns settings individually. Is it right? And you would prefer different behaviour.

Would you prefer a global settings, so all folders have exactly the same settings?

Or would you prefer that all subfolders inherit the settings of its parent?

Or something else?

Thanks Martin,

That would be great, as it worked in C9.

This I could deal with as well.


In Cubase 9.5 it works exactly the same way to me as it works in Cubase 10. You have something like a default setup for every single folder level. Then you can adjust the settings for any single folder level as you wish.

But I have to say, there are some bugs with the inheritance from the parent folder.

I think it adapts to the filetypes and then decides which column view to choose?
In any case it’s not right. Don’t know why it worked in C9.5, but it did.

Ok I’ve been using media bay more now, and result view-settings do get remembered. And sub-folders do, sometimes, pick up the settings from top-level folders.
So it’s definitely workable, I just haven’t figured out when or why the settings will change. It’d be great if there were a detailed documentation, just to know what the program does.

Or to add possibility to store results columns for every folder or option to choose their behavior.
Cause it’s really inconvenient if you should choose same columns again and again after every search that includes different folder and type combinations or whatever.

see here

I can confirm that the MediaBay column settings I had adjusted in 10.0.5 are all gone again in 10.0.10

Martin, i have no sound at all coming from the loops and samples area. if i drop them on a track they play just fine. the preview slider for volume is definately up. is there an output assign for the preview of audio in the loops and samples area? i thought it would default to stereo out, but im hearing nothing. im on mac Pro and cubase 10. thanks spaceman


Then you have 2 options:
1.1) In the Studio > Audio Connections > Control Room tab enable Control Room.
1.2) Add Monitor 1 Bus. Route the Monitor 1 output to your Audio Device.
1.3) In the Outputs tab, set the Stereo Out to Not Connected.


2.1) In the Studio > Audio Connections > Control Room tab disable Control Room.
2.2) In the Outputs tab, right-click to the Stereo Out bus and select: Set “Stereo Out” as Main Mix option, if the option is available in the menu. The orange speaker should appear in front of the Stereo Out name. The Preview is routed here.

thanks Martin. i will try this tomorrow. cool

same problem here, just opened up another thread with a similar problem: Media Bay - result field organisation - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
Media bay column views should be able to be custom saved and recalled

It is really frustrating HOW MANY TIMES I had to reconfigure my results list in Media Bay. This whole inheritance stuff per folder is completely degenerate and not working properly. I must have set up the categories in Media Bay’s result list for individual folders a gazillion times, only to have it reset to some unwanted result list over and over and OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

I bet most people just give up at some point and just accept the result lists Cubase throws at them. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!! Media Bay in general still has so many bugs, also when using the queries. When I make reports (I did so in 9.5 and 10) some of them don’t even get answered.

I am spending way too much time setting up Cubase every time, when I should be getting work done.

PLEASE, let me set up my custom RESULT LIST, let me STORE these settings and let me recall these settings (especially when Cubase for some reasons screws it all up again). I really don’t want or need Media Bay making decisions how these result lists should look like. Its enough, if I can create my own presets and then choose them from a drop down list whenever I need them. Like it is done ANYWHERE else in Cubase. Some ideas in Cubase are innovative, this one is not. At least not for me. Above all, its not working properly the way it is now.

Please Steinberg FIX THIS in an upcoming maintenance release. This feature needs an urgent overhaul. Thank you.

I have reported a bug / issue with Mediabays result list (see link below), but until today haven’t received an answer yet…

When you make changes to the categories in a result list and close media bay, the changes are saved. However, when you open Mediabay, switch to another folder and then back to the initial one - in my case “Sample Library Folder” - the settings disappear again. You then have to re-arrange all the columns anew and re-select categories the way you want it. For anyone who is not aware of this behavior, this is incredibly annoying.

I have posted a workaround below (but really hope Steinberg comes up with something better, like suggested in my previous post).