Melodyne ARA bugs

If you apply Melodyne ARA on a vocal track with with several takes/lanes and then switch lane - voila!

  • Two takes are playing at the same time. :open_mouth:

It seems Steinberg decided that Melodyne is to be applied per event, not per track.
Makes some kind of sense but isn’t ideal with regards to comping. :unamused:

The double playback is also quite annoying since it renders the Lane Solo button useless.

Unfortunately the current workflow is to render your comps first before applying the ARA extension. There will be a fix in the next Cubase 10.0.40 update.

when is this due ?

There is no confirmed release date yet.

I kinda figured that.
I guess I’ll be using Variaudio for a while more. :wink:

could you point us to the place in the online help which explains the workflow with ARA or in fact any useful information on ARA ? I couldn’t seem to find it.

I had already seen that - Which is why I asked if there was any useful information that explains the workflow ?

I mean you’ve had about 7 months since ARA2 support was announced, you’re bound to have some kind of documentation.


I have already had soundfiles going out of sync when Melodyne is applied.
Similar to Studio One’s early bug, now squashed.

Not good.
I guess using Melodyne with ARA will have to wait until 10.0.40.

So far:

Seems not to work on 64 bit float audio engine.
Simple edits like fade-ins and fade-outs, and volume handlers dont work on clips with active Melodyne.

(macOS 10.13.6, Melodyne 4.2.2)

I agree, where’s the documentation? Where is the Extension in the chain? What’s the workflow? Is an Extension always in the same place with different Extensions like Melodyne and Vocalign Pro? Is it after Inserts? Can any of this be configured? There doesn’t seem to be anything, is it up to us to guess?

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Some good info here on the Celemony site:


Liked the Melodyne video at 2:43 :laughing:



Yes, you are right in all your points for Cubase 10.0.30.

They were obviously under pressure to release as they promised and they were even more obviously aware that it wasn’t actually working properly (unless they didn’t bother to test). In the nuendo forum there are reports of Revoice Pro not working at all.

It would now be helpful for them to let us know what is and isn’t working and if there are workarounds - rather than just going “radio silence” on us.

I thought the “new” steinberg were all about engaging with their customer base ?

I thought the “new” steinberg were all about engaging with their customer base ?

:question: Is that the “new” we get every year almost? Seriously, I am with SB for so long (just a private home kiddy) and heard of several promises, attempts and new strategies to serve their customers much better, effectively from my side, I’d never seen that coming. As said, I got responses to my MySteinberg support, but it is not something I’d call satifying, knowing it is not the person behind my ticket but the overall company’s setup…
So they did not have much time for this release? Well, I see it a bit differently: they did not have the right and sufficient man(or women) power for such a product (anymore). Smaller, small and even large things are not addressed accordingly to the expectations of many, I’d say.
So be it as it may, I can work with CB10 for my needs, but I am kind of happy that I don’t have to for making my living :unamused:
Maybe too dramatic, but even small(er) disapointments pile up to a larger letdown…my cents

Just curious why you would want to apply Melodyne while you are still comping? I never would have even thought of doing that. Is there some reason why you wouldn’t want to finish the comping process before moving on to Melodyne?

I view Melodyne as fine-tuning after I have the best takes possible.

Hi all,

Both of these are confirmed and will be fixed in the Cubase 10.0.40.