Melodyne/ARA edits lost after backup w Cubase Pro 11


When I save a backup of a project that includes Melodyne edits, the backup does not include the Melodyne edits, regardless of settings during the backup process.

Further to my investigation into the gigantic ARA folder that Cubase Pro 11 creates when using Melodyne with lanes and Melodyne I’ve done some further investigations into the ARA issues.

I have also unfortunately discovered that if I do a backup (using the backup function in Cubase in the File menu) of a project using Melodyne and ARA any edits done with Melodyne are not transferred to the backup and must be done again. You can see an example of this in the attached images. 05


and 06

shows you the before and after waveforms of a vocal take in Melodyne/ARA in Cubase Pro 11. 07 & 08 are the exact same take but after I’ve done a backup of the project. As you can see, the 07

and 08

waveforms are identical, hence ARA/Melodyne edits are lost after a backup. I have tried this on a a few different projects and with pretty much all available options during the backup process, including NOT getting rid of or minimizing unused audio, and they are all the same. All Melodyne edits are lost.

Shouldn’t a backup be a backup and make sure that the project is at the same state as before the backup? What is otherwise the point of the backup? What may have gone wrong with this backup? Are there any ways that we can avoid this in the future, or is the only way to preserve Melodyne edits to render the tracks before we make a backup?

Has anyone else experienced this with the latest Cubase Pro 11 and Melodyne 5.10?


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Are you referring to the backup issue or the gigantic ARA folders?


Both of them.

That’s great news. But I’m a bit puzzled as to why Steinberg hasn’t even bothered replying to the thread or the support ticket to that effect?
Do we have an ETA on a solution?


This is user forum. Steinberg employees check it only sporadically.

The support ticket should be processed, of course.

Hi there!

Just experiencing the same issues as you. I discovered that renaming my project file (just a save as adding a ‘ver 2’ for example) sometimes seems to cause melodyne data loss - exactly as you show. I wondered if you could test doing a save as on a similar project.
I too have opened a support ticket and have been waiting months for a reply with no luck.

I also have issues using tape machine style monitoring with ARA2 and melodyne - Have you tried punching in manually recording on a track that has events melodyned already whilst using tape machine monitoring option? Heres a video on it. Cubase 10.5.20 Bizarre Monitoring Recording Issue (ARA and TAPEMACHINE monitoring mode) - YouTube I have done a separate support ticket for that too.

Here is a link to my post on the issue Thanks!

Not sure what to say, but Steinberg support does have some serious issues right now. I can accept that there are bugs and that they may be hard to solve, but to ignore support requests is just not cool.

We frequently save new versions (new verion function in the file menu) of a project and have experienced that we loose Melodyne edits all the time. So, we have started to first comp and bounce the comped track and then edit the comped track in Melodyne and then bounce again, to make sure that we can go back to the originals and that we preserve our edits. This is a rather cumbersome workflow and looses most of the benefits with ARA2. We might as well use Pro Tools, FL Studio or something similar instead, if I want a clunky workflow,

Bizarre video. I haven’t tried tape machine montioring. I didn’t actually know it existed until a few days ago, and we rarely (never) use punch-in/out. We just do loop recording and comp the best take. We mainly record vocals, everything else is VSTs or at midi, so that editing instrument tracks in audio is rare for us, especially using Melodyne. Last time was probably tuning some kick.

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Hi @dlinderyd
Thankyou for confirming this. I have just discovered that melodyne seems to lose the data if any tracks are hidden. I wondered if you might be able to test your machine to see if the same is true. I melodyned a pair of tracks… hid the second one using the visability tab… and double clicking on the track after it is re-enabled leaves melodyne empty of data (although previous pitch correction is playing back).



Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Reported too.
All edits are lost after closing Cubase. Was supposed to be resolved with version 11.0.30 but is not. Still waiting for Steinberg to have one day a real support.