Menus open slow in Cubase 12.0.20


Thank you for responding so promptly.

Yes, I too thought that this might (negatively) affect the GUI performance, so I tried altering these parameters as well. Unfortunately, it made no difference. (Note: I didn’t go to extremes, merely 1 step up and 1 step down).

However, I have not tried altering them since updating to the latest version. I’ll do that later this evening and let you know if you’d like…(?)



PS Are there any Windows-specific scaling options worth checking…?

Yup, one of the very first things I tried, @RTT1, as it was once an issue for me in an early VST5 release (well, I think it was v5!). Unfortunately it didn’t help.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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I appear to have found a solution (if not a root cause) to the laggy menus within my Cubase v12 install.

All I did was re-install the version of nVidia graphics drivers I had been successfully using with v10 and v11 (not the latest version, I hasten to add) just in case something untoward had been changed (or overwritten) whilst installing Cubase v12.

During that install routine, I accepted the option that the process offered to ‘default’ all graphics settings … and it appears to have cured the issue entirely. TbH I’m not entirely sure which settings would’ve been non-standard … but perhaps something was (I certainly don’t remember changing anything significant).

Anyways, I am now about to start editing some past projects - and hopefully create some new ones - and will update you in due course.

I hope this helps somebody - and informs your developers’ lines of enquiry - but it might be worth a try for some of the other GUI issues out there which users are experiencing!

Thanks again for your help,

PS Is there any chance my 30-day Cubase “trial” counter can be reset so I can actually get to ‘trial’ the software, given I lost so much time resolving this menu GUI issue?


Thanks for the info!

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Is animation on in windows for menus? Maybe see if that’s on and turn it off in the windows appearance settings.

Worth a try