merge projects/templates

Is there a way to merge 2 project.

I have 2 different templates. And I would like to have all the instruments from both templates in 1.

Best, Thomas


  • Open Template A.
  • File > Import > Tracks from Project. Import the tracks from Template B.
  • Save as Template C.

Good idea. This seems to work for Instrument and Audio tracks but now for Midi tracks the instruments that are loaded in the VST instruments menu are not migrated.

Or am I missing something ?

Best, Thomas


Do you mean the Rack Instruments? Or a MIDI Tracks routed to the Instrument track?

Martin : I mean the rack instruments (VST instruments) that are routed to the midi tracks are not included when exporting midi tracks. Only when exporting Instrument tracks it works.

I most of the time use midi tracks.


Unfortunately you can’t import Rack Instruments from other project.

For some reason it has been overlooked for years but yes I really would love it. Can you add a +1 to this thread for what its worth please:

Martin : That was also my guess. Still a pity

Mart : good to hear I am not the only one missing this function. +1 added. :wink: