Merging imported midi file question

When I imported a midi file with horn parts into my orchestral template, I could’t make the horn part merge into the horn part of my template. I’ve chosen “merge into existing parts” when importing, and I have tried changing the original midi file horn part name to many different names like “horn”, “french horn”, “horn in F”, “horn (F) 1” etc, and still the midi horn part is not merged. (My template has horn parts labeled “Horn (F) 1-8”). I have to do this kind of things many many times, I just wonder what name should I use for the horn parts in the midi file for it to work. Thanks.

Have you tried dragging the file onto the horn track in play mode?


I recently started a rather similar thread and Horns were the biggest problem. It does look as if this whole area is going to be looked at. In case it might be helpful, here is that thread Player handling in MusicXML Flow Import Options

Interesting, when I labeled the midi horn track as “horn”, the imported horn part will be on a separate instrument labeled “Horn in Bb”. Somehow, Dorico strangely thinks the horn is in Bb.